From the greeting to Nadia Toffa to Nicholas Armhole: the best moments of the TV 2019


Published on Dec 14, 2019


Another year has now come to an end and, with it, we put it in our drawer of memories all the best moments and the worst past in tv in the last twelve months. In this article, we will take care of the best moments and of the positive cases.

We will do a quick overview of the talk show, quiz, talent show and entertainment programs of 2019, which most of all gave us joys and happy moments through the small and the great protagonists of the world of the show and the small screen.

Death after a long illness on August 13, 2019, Nadia Toffa has remained in the hearts of the viewers of Italy and not only. For this, under date of 1st October 2019, the broadcast that launched it to success – Hyenas – has decided to make it a great gathering with all the historic conductors, and sent to the program. A small commemorative event with which the program has given his final farewell to the 40-year-old Brescia.

In order to keep alive the return of Nadia Toffa, The Hyenas have decided to keep her silhouette in the credits of each episode.

Up to prior to his participation in the Sanremo Giovani, Alessandro, in art, Mahmood was selected and then downloaded from the X Factor. Now, instead, the artist has assigned his revenge: the first winner of the Sanremo Young, and then – thanks to the “dictator of art” Claudio Baglioni – right between the Big of the Festival of Sanremo, 2019, where it wins out-super favorite the Last (who did not take it very well). And, therefore, the path towards Eurovision 2019 where it touches the gold medal by a few points (by winning, therefore, an important second place).

Bets of Milly Carlucci are almost always won. The most recent, in chronological order, has been to focus on a new cast of ultra-varied for the last edition of Dancing with the Stars: Angelo Russo, Ettore Bassi, Antonio Rockets, Nunzia De Girolamo, Dani Osvaldo, Marco Leonardi, the twins Sampaio and Milena Vukotic. This last, against all odds, has managed to undermine many of the other competitors winning of the right to a place in the final. In addition to various tesoretti social media as the most loved on the web, the actress with Simone Di Pasquale has won the Special Prize of the Jury for the excellent performance in all 10 episodes.

Said And Done

In Italy last year there were 142 cases of femicide: every 3 days, in our Country, is dead of a woman for the hand of a man. There is a love that is wrong, it simply is not love. Reported, because you are not alone! Also #dettofattorai says ENOUGH! #25novembre

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On the occasion of the World Day against Violence on Women, on 25th November, White Guaccero and a glorious Carla Gozzi have interrupted the regular grind of tutorials and books for one unsettling space acted. A monologue that immediately becomes a dialogue in which two friends discuss and self-denounce in which victims of domestic violence.

We conclude our roundup with one of the real characters, the revelation of the latest vintage television Mediaset: Nicholas Armholes, otherwise known to be the “champion” of Free Fall (the quiz show with the apertures of Gerry Scotti). The competitor with the passion for journalism in the field of football has remained champion for 87 episodes, winning a total prize value of 651 thousand Euros in gold coins; one of the victories most lucrative in the history of the quiz Mediaset.

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