From the first of April, the closing night for the customs of Ponte Cremenaga

Published on Mar 08, 2017

The news was in the air already for a few months and had sparked controversy, including the intervention of the mayor of Cremenaga Domenico Rigazzi, who asked in a loud voice not to close the crossing Ponte Cremenaga. Today, however, comes the official announcement of the pilot project: from the first of April, for the duration of six months, the three border crossings of secondary Novazzano-Marcetto, Pedrinate and Bridge-Cremenaga will be closed from 23 to 5. From the first of April, the closing night for the customs of Ponte Cremenaga. For the duration of six months, starting from the next first of April, will be introduced in the Ticino-the closing night (ndr, from 23 to 5) of three passes side of the border between Switzerland and Italy: Novazzano-Marcetto, Pedrinate and Ponte Cremenaga. This pilot project is linked to a motion of a national Councillor Roberta Pantani, and the goal is to collect information on the practical effects of such a measure. The assessments undertaken at the federal level and the canton – on the basis of criteria related to safety and to the volumes of cross-border traffic have made it possible to identify in the sottoceneri area three crossing points suitable for starting a phase of experimentation, which will result in the closing night at the transit for a period of six months. The number of cars that pass in the three passes. Thanks to a monitoring of the transits of the clubs through the three passes targeted by the measure, was, in particular, can be seen that the average of the steps during the week stood at around 90 vehicles, with the tips of 242 in Ponte Cremenaga; in the end of the week, the value rises to approximately 110 vehicles. The percentage of vehicles in switzerland around 20% of total transit. The collaboration between the Body of the Border Guard and the cantonal Police. The implementation of the measure will be entrusted to the Body of the Border Guard, which, with the cooperation of the cantonal Police – will provide for the closing and reopening of the three customs points. Even during the hours in which crossings will be closed, is provided for monitoring through video-surveillance systems, to guarantee the safety of the population residing in the vicinity. At the end of the pilot project will be assessed which will allow, in particular, to identify the effects of this measure on the fight against cross-border crime, and traffic flow.

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