From the 18 may celebrations open to the people: all the attention from the observe


Published on May 07, 2020


From 18 may you can go back to the church for the Holy Mass. You will participate in the rite but with the many arrangements and new rules. The watchword for the priests and the faithful always remains the same: distance. In fact, even in the churches you will have to make respecting the new measures of expansion with which we all began to get familiar now by weeks. It is for this reason that every sacred building will have a maximum capacity that must be respected. To help the priest, there will be figures, of the volunteers, that will allow all of you can play in safety. The inputs at the church for the harvest will be then quota, and in this sense, by the Government and the CEI come of tips: if it is felt that the number of people wishing to participate in the celebration you are not satisfied, you will be able to celebrate more masses.

But there are many habits that change. A: in the church you will have to go compulsorily with the mask. We also recommend that all the priests prepare a poster to be put at the entrance of the churches to introduce all the new rules.

Let's see what the Government suggests, after consulting with CEI, and the scientific and technical committee

-reduce to a minimum the presence of the celebrants and ministers

-in the first stage, the organist, no choir

-no to the peace sign

-at the time of the communion, the celebrant will wear the mask, it will give the host with gloves single use and be sure not to come in contact with the hands of the faithful

-no sheets for the prayers, no books for the songs

-you offerings with appropriate containers

If it is felt appropriate, we recommend that you organize the celebrations in the open, if the church or the chapel is too small. All of these indications are valid for weddings, for baptisms while they are deferred at the time the confirmations.

We also recommend that you continue programming in streaming or via radio of the Holy Mass to allow even those who can not get out of the house to participate actively.

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