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Published on Jan 06, 2019


The output symbiotic of the eleventh season of The Big Bang Theory, and of the inaugural season of Young Sheldon DVD for Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Italy is the perfect occasion to discover the origins of the scientist nerd the most famous of the tv, and at the same time to see where you came into his life from an “adult”.

The penultimate act of the Big Bang

It all started with a girl a little fact and lascivious, Penny (Kaley Cuoco), who moved to the other side of the landing of Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons), two physicists so much good in his work as incapable of human relationships. Now more than ten years after the turn of the penultimate act before the swan song for the sitcom more view of America prepare to say goodbye. All – less Raj – are coupled in the eleventh season: Howard and Bernadette discovered to be “pregnant” (because the actress Melissa Rauch was pregnant, in fact), Penny and Leonard must deal with the status quo to be married, while Sheldon is the big proposal to Amy, without ceasing to be Sheldon. It is especially this that makes proud the authors Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro and cast members, as told in the extra content present in the second of the two discs that make up the DVD box set.

That is, to be able to evolve the series without mystifying the character of the characters, especially Sheldon, the very essence of the sitcom, as told in The imperative of growth. Also A story of the time signed BBT reflected on the eleven years gone by, but also on the wedding nerd of the year (maybe more than Batman in the comics), that is the one of Sheldon and Amy, held for the season finale, with guest stars like Mark Hamill, to officiate in the ceremony, the return of familiar faces as Kripke and new appearances by the families of the bride and groom. The brother of Sheldon, Georgie, with the face and physique of Jerry O'connell that for their interpretation it is rebuilt on the Montana Jordan, given that, paradoxically, the we have known before in the spin-off in the original series; to the parents of Amy, played by none other than Kathy Bates and the magician Teller (of the duo of illusionists Penn & Teller). A super bow that never stopped in the stage.

About theatre, The Big Bang Theory: the plan of the comedy, it reflects on the weekly commitment of the actors, on first reading at a table, which is what makes us understand what can work and what's not in the screenplay, but the real proof of the pudding is in the theater of installation, with the audience, where the writers have to rewrite the moment, the jokes and the actors have to learn them on the fly to give to the viewers in tv the best laugh possible.

Without forgetting the tribute to Stephen Hawking after his death: after the many comparsate made in the show, the writers wanted was something not too cheesy but in keeping with the ironic nature that has always distinguished it, and asked for approval from the family. In colorful box, also in the screen prints of the disks, may also be missing between the special content, the gag and the errors on the set of all actors as icing on the cake of this box set which is almost complete the collection in DVD.


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