From Radiohead to Miley Cyrus going to LCD Soundsystem: all the new songs that we found under the Christmas tree

Published on Dec 28, 2015

One of the Christmas songs is a disease from which we don't care ever. No need to go too far back in the years and get to the album christmas Frank Sinatra or the Beatles, you already know: sooner or later we fall for it all. No one is excluded.
This year, however, something happened that in similar terms had never had previous: Christmas day (and of course the night before) we were literally surprised by an avalanche of new songs, alternate versions and cover a sudden surprise that there have been literally delivered under the tree.
For this, between large returns and confirmations unexpected, we tried to do a little’ order among all of the music that accompanied the festivities, have not yet been terminated, 2015.
LCD Soundsystem – Christmas Will Break Your Heart

Come on, it's useless that you make the figs and say that you expected. It is almost worse when you get to do the gné gné, puntaalcazzisti Sunday, and already ready to complain about the fact that “The reunion, consistency, bla bla bla”. James Murphy returns to surprise, it is not said that is for ever, and gives us the sad song that all of us had a desperate need. Because in the end, Christmas, Christmas adults, is always a feast sad. ALWAYS.

Miley Cyrus – My Sad Christmas Song

Always to the history of sadness: Miley Cyrus (it is not clear if this ride alone, or always in the company of friends the Flaming Lips, now the influence is really obvious even when not working directly) has decided to give us so many tears with that making out under the mistletoe.
My Sad Christmas Song tells the story of the first Christmas after the end of a love story, when you look around and don't understand why you came in my mind to do ‘I'm fucking tree cursed, and the only thing you want is to turn on the bong (text, she tells eh).

Radiohead – Spectre

And then at the end it was true: the Band were asked to compose the main theme song of “Spectre”, the latest James Bond film. But, as you know by now all, at the end were trombati in favour of Sam Smith and, oh well, the movie was not then-or even just ‘I'm much so not so bad really.

Future Islands – Last Christmas (Wham Cover)

The history of the dj australian who has spent 23 times in a row Last Christmas, coming up rightly fired, you all heard it.
I like to think that the homage of Future Islands is more addressed to him than to Wham.
And it is soon Christmas Holidays, the film.

Mina – Last Christmas (Wham Cover)

Then, let's face it, it is much more beautiful version of Mina!

Mecna – No-One Laughs

We stay in Italy with Mecna that the Christmas day has decided to publish an unreleased song that christmas has nothing, and hurt less.

Lauryn Hill – A Cradle in Bethlehem

It is not Christmas without snow. Or without the Gospel. Or without Lauryn Hill. Or without all three.
And now Sister Act.

Will Butler – City on a Hill

Also Will the Arcade Fire (Will not Win) is becoming, in small steps, a big fan of christmas songs little christmas, and for the second consecutive year gives us a new song written just for the occasion. Obviously this is a sad piece.
Thanks Will, as if we had agreed (actually, it is very nice, living Will!).

Casa del Mirto feat. MY – Hush

We're back in Italy and back to the atmosphere in the style of the Christmas Holidays in ’83 with the trent Home of the Myrtle in the company, even MINE!

Green Day – the Xmas Time of the Year

Green Day also confirm the rule that there is no Christmas song that has the rattle in the intro.

Mac DeMarco – White Christmas

The most classic of the classic and the king of the sfattoni.
A perfect wedding, in the face of Jar Jar Binks.

Grimes – Fifteen Minutes to

Also Grimes was amused to open his store and decided to sanctify Christmas with this piece composed in 2010 and probably destined to remain in a drawer forever.

Toro Y Moi – Couplegirls

Chaz Bundick is the classic sort that you remember at the last moment not to have done even the gifts and try to find something that goes well in the last shop left open. It had remained just that.

The Weeknd + Future – Low Life

We close the series with this collaboration between The Weeknd and Future, which was published from the first during the Christmas day.
And now, what do you do at new year's Eve?


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