From Ilary Blasi against the Crown was Nadia Rinaldi hypnotized: the 5 moments of trashy tv in 2018


Published on Dec 26, 2018


As in the eternal struggle between the good and the bad of the movies of Marvel, even on tv there is an age-old challenge: programs content against programs that are overly trashy. The 2018 has brought forward this exciting challenge, bringing to the small screen gems of rare trashosità that the worst webstar of the network can only hide from the shame. Let's analyze what were the five moments trash the most talked-about tv of 2018.

Surely her mistress was Mediaset and the Channel Five: a frequency now become a real must for all lovers of the genre. The list of the scenes trash would be a really unlimited but we have selected for you five gems that would swoon any lover of good taste. Are you ready? Let's start...

Opens the year with an edition of The Island of the Famous, where to get juventus are alleged canne di Francesco Monte and the quarrel between the competing women. The most clicked-on was certainly one that occurred between Nadia Rinaldi and Rosa Perrotta during a live Monday evening. The roman actress has expressed the concept of not having any resentment towards the tronista to the point that they specify to make it clear that, when the young man he had suffered intestinal problems, was approached to help with the use of a known medical instrument: “I made You an enema!” screamed Nadia Rinaldi in front of an entire studio, which, shortly after, broke out in tears from laughing. From the Shot to the lens blower is a snap.

Showdown in sauce trash to Ilary Blasi. After having built a smear campaign against the Big Brother Vip, Fabrizio Corona has had the opportunity to enter into the house of Cinecittà for a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend, Silvia, for giving. The meeting, however, is not gone to good end: the speech that was prepared for the Crown has not been able to tame the character of the singer. But the surprises for the man do not end here because, asked to leave, the presenter Ilary Blasi has consumed his revenge with strokes of the declarations staggering: purchase and sale of the scoop, interviews, and articles false-purely for promotional and – the straw that broke the camel's back – the alleged liason sentimental of Flavia Vento and Francesco Totti, their mind Blasi was pregnant with her first child and was about to get married. Crown replied as he could: screaming threats and random things. Ready reply of the hostess of the reality show: “But you see it?! You're doing the figure of caciottaro! Here the show when it starts and when it ends the I decide. And I said everything! The good life! Hello!”.

The appeal could not miss the transmissions carried out by the empress of trash television: Barbara D'urso. There are many scenes that can be depicted: in this chapter we report the embarrassing experiment of hypnosis posted by Giucas Box. Under the watchful eye (and the chuckle beneath his moustache) of Carmelita, Nadia Rinaldi was brought to meow and dancing sexy with a lot of detachment of the thigh and panty in full view. Not exactly the best for a show where you have to shout with a loud voice to the support for the women.

For three months, Barbara D Urso us tainted with talk show inconclusive relating to the alleged title of the Marchesa Daniela Del Secco D'aragona. Among the guests howler, profanity and vulgarity in various ways, two weeks after the exit from Big Brother was the Marchioness to want to put an end to this rigmarole. Is The Marchioness? No, but it is for “personal identification”; in short, it is a sort of art-name, which is saddled by itself but that people have adopted as a real name. What is embarrassing in all of this is that for years, mrs. Daniela has defended his title of nobility bragging lineages and documentation... even to do a super-defending television against the director of a weekly newspaper who had attempted to shed light on the case. A placed the cathodic one that we will remember in our worst nightmares...

The empress Barbara, the queen of trash Maria De Filippi: the two matrons of Channel Five were equally divided the sceptre of trash television, 2018. To cite a single case would really just. To You You Que Vales there were an array of competitors trash (including cucumbers, nudity, firecrackers and the bandwagon of the Stable); that Men and Women continue unlikely quarrel between the weeping willow, Gemma Galgani and the arrogant Tina Cipollati (who has tried on several occasions to get their hands on the lady, putting up her dress or pull on a bra for the room); and how can we forget the old for There is Mail for You, or the stories of horns (all accidentally of the south) choices d Maria De Filippi to raise the ratings.

Ah, and then there would be the new entry of the year: Temptation Island Vip, which (with the dramatics of Sossio'aruta and coaxing “stellar” Valeria Marini) can not miss in this list of trashy television, 2018.

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