From energy to pension funds, ok to the draft competition: how will the Italian market

Published on May 03, 2017

(AP) Almost two years, and a parliamentary procedures troubled, the conclusion of which is one step from the finish line. The Senate, after the Government has placed confidence today on the design of the annual law for competition and the opening up of markets, approved by the Chamber on 7 October 2015, has given its ok to the new reform. The ddl, which contains rules on insurance companies, banks, energy, pension funds, fuel, transport, communications, the professions and health services, is landed yesterday in the Classroom for general discussion and is expected today in the final vote. From energy to pension funds, ok to the draft competition: how will the Italian market. The Hall of the Senate gives the go-ahead to the plan of conversion law of the decree on Competition for which the government asked the confidence vote, with 158 yes, 110 no, and one abstained. “The Senate approves the law on competition. A step forward on the path of reforms,” he wrote on Twitter the president of the Board Paolo Gentiloni. The measure will return to the Chamber in the third reading. But what about the text and what are the measures to liberalise developed from the ddl? Insurance. More discounts and less fraud. Chapter II of the draft law provides for changes to the Cap (code of private insurance), with particular attention to the Rc Car and in the area of pension funds. The text provides discounts on the insurance policies Car insurance for drivers who agree to the inspection of the vehicle, the installation of the black box and the mechanism which prevents the engine from starting for a high bac. The text also provides a mark of discounts on the tpm in the regions with a higher rate of accidents and the introduction of tables for the compensation of macro-and micro-cracks resulting from accidents. Other regulations apply to the insurance companies that need to establish in advance the conditions of the policy and the rates car insurance. In the case of non-acceptance of the proposal, for the insurance companies take the obligation to recalculate the award by sending to the consumer a new estimate. Among the measures envisaged by the ddl, and also in order to limit the multiplication of the so-called ‘witnesses of convenience’ (so as to avoid the testimonies produced after the accident) and the rules to counter insurance fraud. More powers to the Ivass (institute for the supervision of the insurance will have the role of supervision and control on the implementation of the rules provided for by the measure. Pension funds. Is changed the discipline of supplementary pension schemes, in particular, is enshrined in the right to the advance of the performance in the case of the termination of activities of the job (also for the inoccupazione for 24 months), of the redemption of the individual position gained and the relevant tax regime. Communications. The text of the measure provides for the simplification of the procedures for the mobility of demand, pay-tv, fixed and mobile telephony and of the Internet. Simplified procedures for the withdrawal or transfer to another operator with the guarantee of withdrawal or change management via the internet. The draft law also introduces the maximum duration of contracts for the promotion, not to exceed 24 months. As for the costs of output, these should be proportionate to the value of the contract and the remaining duration of the promotion. Provided news on the purchase of tickets for the theatre, the cinema and the performances, which will be paid with phone credit, while with regard to ‘unsolicited communications’, the telemarketer must disclose the identity of the person for whom contact occurs, as well as the commercial purpose or for the promotion of the contact. The call will be allowed only if the subscriber will give explicit consent. Are provided then requirements for those who intend to relocate call centers in Countries outside the European Union, the updating of the register of the opposition and the new limits to the pricing of calls to non-geographical numbers at the time of the response of the operator. Poste. Poste Italiane will no longer have the exclusive on the expedition of judicial proceedings and notification of the penalties as of June 10, 2017, as well as services related to the notifications of violations of the code of the road. Electricity, and gas. Articles 28-44 governing the overcoming, from June 1, 2018, the rates of ‘protection’ for the natural gas and electricity. In particular, it dictated the rules on the comparability of the offers in the market of gas and electricity to ensure the provision of information to consumers. The nra (AEEGSI) will have the realization of web portal for the collection and publication of the offers on the market. The ddl also provides for the reform of the electricity bonus and the gas: one is asked to a ministerial decree of Put the review of the rules of the electricity bonus and the gas bonus for the customers in the economically disadvantaged and those who are in serious health conditions, “such as to require the use of powered equipment to electric energy, necessary for their maintenance in life.” As far as the fuel it is intended to create a register of the installations construction and distribution of petrol, diesel, Gpl and methane of the road and motorway network. The so-called ‘Table Maxi Bill also aims to ensure that the Aeegsi must adopt “the necessary measures” to force suppliers of electricity and gas, in paying off the invoices that have a significant amount resulting from delays or interruptions of the billing or by the prolonged unavailability of consumption data. If the adjustment is due to causes attributable to the customer, the obligation is less. Environment. The draft law contains provisions on the autonomous management of packaging and standards to regulate the activities of collection of waste. Banks. Novelty on the cost of calls to the customer service in the banking sector, which will have to be content. Also the insurance companies, banking institutions and managers elle credit cards must ensure that the customer service at the cost of an ordinary local call. The draft law also introduces the comparability of the fees charged by payment service providers, through a dedicated website. Banks, credit institutions and intermediaries funded providers of real estate mortgages or consumer credit will then have the obligation to present to the customer at least two quotations from two different insurance groups, not related to banks, lending institutions, and financial intermediaries themselves. Professions. More transparency and more competition in the legal profession. Lawyers may be part of more than one professional association. The standard also introduces the obligation of the lawyer to submit a quote to the seen, without which it may request, in writing, and be structured according to items of expenditure. Competition and transparency, even to the notary, regarding the obligations of the notaries and public officers and in relation to the criteria that determine the number and distribution of notaries in the national territory. The ddl also establishes the standards for the regulation of the exercise of the activity odonotiatrica on the part of the company. The medical director must be registered in the register of dentists or health care facilities polispecialistiche at which an outpatient dental surgery, and the condition of appointment of a director responsible for dental services will be the registration in the same register (provided that this does not apply if the director of health of the whole property is registered at the register of dentists). It also provides that the director responsible for dental services can perform that function exclusively in one of the structures in the object. Transport. To encourage the use of public transport, the regions must be required to provide users with a service ticket telematics accessible through a dedicated web site. The dealers and the operators of scheduled services passenger transport by road or rail, and maritime transport, shall also inform the clients of the mode of access to the service charter and how to take advantage of reimbursements and compensation payments. Also new for the Ncc service: besides passenger cars, generally, vehicles animal traction may be also carried out by means of cycles. Pharmacies and health services. Pharmacies will be able to be companies. The ddl extends the opportunity of ownership of the financial year of the pharmacy of the private joint-stock companies provided that the company in question has as exclusive object the management of pharmacies. Members may not be doctors, but only natural persons entered on the register of pharmacists, who have earned a title, or fitness, or who have completed at least two years of professional practice. Also, pharmaceutical representatives, and manufacturers of medicines are incompatible with the participation in the management company of private pharmacies. Pharmacies that are located in small towns (6.600 inhabitants) will be able to opt for the territory transfer of the pharmacy in municipalities of the same region, subject to the payment of a franchise fee by the government. It also suppressed the limit of the ownership of four pharmacies, and the condition that the same pharmacies are located in the province where the company has its registered office


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