From Cunardo up to the Pyrenees mountains: the business of skiing of the mayor and the sports group

Published on Feb 09, 2017

An experience that is not of little account in the marathon of the Val d'aran in the Pyrenees, lived by the great group of athletes of the Ski Club of Cunardo last weekend. An adventure that is laden with additional meaning if it is in the end are the 73 year-old mayor of Cunardo, Angelo Morisi, and the 80-year-old Angel Barazzelli, that still today, after 37 years of travel between Italy and Europe, do not give up and carry on with their great passion, collecting one challenge after another. From Cunardo up to the Pyrenees mountains: the business of skiing of the mayor and the sports unit. A little bit of breath and a lot of satisfaction, what they found waiting for them at the end of the race the marathon of Val d'aran, the group of the Ski Club of Cunardo, including the 73 year-old mayor of Cunardo, Angelo Morisi, and his companion, as well as the veteran of the group, Angel Barazzelli, that of the candles on the cake has already extinguished the eighties. The sixteen sports cunardesi, last weekend, have held high the name of narrow skis in the province of Varese, reaching the finish line of the marathon of Val d'aran, certainly exhausted by the effort that nordic skiing requires, but with the enthusiasm and satisfaction data from having achieved this great goal. A good result for the mayor Morisi, who finished in one hour and forty minutes, test on ten kilometres, but the surprise really was the Angel Barazzelli that, in spite of the about eighty years of age, has completed the path of twenty miles, both in the climatic conditions is certainly not of the most favourable routes are not without difficulties. A passion that comes from far away. Commitment, determination, tenacity, but above all, their passion, what transpires from the words of the mayor Angelo Morisi when he returned from the trip, he told us about the experience of the Pyrenees. “It's a tradition for us, we are a close-knit group of friends, explains, " the first citizen of cunardese -. Tradition is definitely the word most appropriate to describe these 37 years of travel and new challenges that together we share. One of the fixed appointments is the marcialonga in Val di Fiemme”. An event entirely dedicated to cross-country skiing in which to be ‘traditional’ are also the equipment and clothing on this special occasion they go back in time, giving this event an old-world charm. “Our adventures – continues Morisi – start from the journey, strictly in coach, that becomes an excuse to meet and spend time with friends. Everything starts in our area, and in particular to the ski club of Cunardo, the place where we train and where we plan trips that are followed year after year. We like to visit always different places”. The experience in Val d'aran. “We do races and marathons, at both amateur and competitive, and the tracks range from 20-90km. Each of us chooses the most adequate ends Morisi -. We came back Tuesday evening and we were a group of sixteen athletes, almost all over 65, like me, except a boy of 25 and someone around 40. Now we are planning and organizing the trip for next year. We have chosen the Finland”. An adventure worthy of note that just passed, but that has nothing to envy to the many that have preceded it: Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Austria, which each year are an opportunity to reinforce this reality. A reality made up of friends who share the same passions, including tenacity, travel, coach, tradition, and important milestones, such as the one cut this year by 80-year-old Angel Barazzelli, in front of which we can congratulate you, chapeau!

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