From Bagheria, the story of Angela, killed by two hired assassins, paid by his nephew


Published on Apr 24, 2020


It is clearly in the death of Angela Maria Corona, the woman is found dead between the towns of Bagheria and Casteldaccia. It would not have been an accident but a murder. The woman was killed by two assassins hired by his nephew. The reason for this was revealed by the woman who would pay 15 thousand euro for the death of her aunt: she suffered ill-treatments, and he wanted Angela Maria stopped.

The nephew and the two alleged assassins were arrested on a charge of murder and premeditated concealment of a corpse.

The story with the latest news from the average sicilian.

According to the latest news arriving from Sicily, Maria Francesca Castronovo would have delivered about 15 thousand euros to the two accomplices to kill the aunt. According to the law on the money were found by the police in the house of the Guy Morel Diehi the ivorian that the woman would be “engaged” with Toumani Soukouna for the murder of the family.

And it arrives this morning, also the reconstruction of what would have happened on the day in which the woman was killed. Angela Maria Corona would have been strangled to death, then put in a bag and the corpse would have been thrown off a cliff in the provincial road 16, which connects the towns of Bagheria and Casteldaccia. At the time of the discovery, however, the woman's body was dismembered. The reason, according to the forces of law and order, would be the arrival of animals which, unfortunately, have feasted on the body of the woman, with what remained. And it is also for this reason that the head and a portion of the torso, were not found. The autopsy has not been performed yet.

The nephew of the victim had told him that she took care of the father of his aunt, but apparently his services did not satisfy the woman. He then talked about the offenses, insults and maltreatment. But this is clearly the version of the facts of a woman who has come to hire two assassins to kill his aunt.

To denounce the disappearance of the woman had been his companion, and very concerned about not having heard from him for hours.

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