From April 25 on FOX's+1 channel, entirely dedicated to the Simpson family


Published on Apr 24, 2019


To celebrate 30 years since the arrival in Italy of the family “in yellow,” the most famous of always, and waiting for the departure of the episodes of the 25th season, Fox leaves the remote in the hand and four fingers of Homer and dedicating a whole channel to the Simpsons.

Fox Simpson Domination will be broadcast on Fox+1 (Sky 113) from 25 April to 2 may. A marathon no stop that will retrace the best moments of the family and the most beloved of America and will culminate with the airing of the first 4 episodes of the 25th season at 21.50 on may 2 on Fox (Sky 112), in simulcast with Fox Animation (Sky 127).

A week dedicated to the animation series born from the mind of Matt Groening is a mirror of the modern society, now become America's longest-lived. It will be an opportunity to experience some of the most fun and iconic of the family in yellow, and the opportunity to review episodes memorable as The mysterious journey of Homer where the head of the household begins to have hallucinations after eating the terrible chilli killer of Guatemala and will talk with his spirit guide, a coyote, or the episode HOMR, where Homer becomes a guinea pig in the laboratory and you will find out what is due his own stupidity: a marker in the brain. Or even Two bad neighbors, " during which Homer is struggling with a neighbor is very particular, George W. Bush.

Guest stars of the episodes from the world of tv and cinema will be Lisa Kudrow, Jerry Springer, Alec Baldwin, Ron Howard. There will also be representatives from the world of music such as Cyndi Lauper and Elton John.

From Thursday, may 2, at 21.50, then, will be broadcast on FOX (112, Sky) season 25 of the series, which has won three Primetime Emmy Awards. Among the episodes not to be missed this season, the one where Homer wakes up in a world built entirely out of Lego, called Brick like me and is the 550th episode of the series (the twentieth of this season). In the episode 10 Married to the blob, there will be a moving tribute to the famous director of animation Hayao Miyazaki.

From April 25 on FOX+1, a channel dedicated to the Simpsons is




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