From Anker the wireless charger 10W for fast charging on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X


Published on Dec 21, 2017


Anker offers one of the most interesting chargers wireless on the market, both for design and for functions. A great product for anyone who has bought iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or the iPhone X.

This wireless charger the Anker 10W allows then to take advantage of the fast charge 7.5 W the new iPhone, despite the differences with the standard charge are not very high. Some tests show that after 2 hours, the iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 11.0 and the power supply from 5W has reached 40% of recharge, while the model with iOS 11.2 and power supply 7.5 W came to 47%.

The design is really elegant. Measures contained (8.5 x 8.5 x 0.7 cm), black color, blue led status on the board when the charge is active, the top-like fabric with logo Anker engraved. Really nice on any desk, but also in any other room in the house. The base is formed by four non-slip feet which ensure an excellent stability of the loader, also on the glass (test done on my desk).

Included in the kit is the micro-USB cable to power the base.

The LED indicators are activated as soon as we connect the base to the power supply (so as to warn us that comes, and when you start charging the iPhone. These indicators are also useful for checking the charging status. To start the all just rest the device on the Anker, and in less than a second the battery will begin to recharge. We tested this based on iPhone X case and we have not encountered any problem.

In addition, this base incorporates the technology Anker MultiProtect that guarantee the control of temperature, protection from overload, and preventing possible short circuits.

It is, therefore, a very good product, useful, design, functional, and safe for those who want to try wireless charging on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X.

All this at only 19.99€. Try it!

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