Friends. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Published on Nov 12, 2019


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Books on your friends don't have enough. In a hectic world full of deadlines, commitments and needs that forces a loneliness is often forced to think back with gratitude to the beauty that friends bring into the life, the moral support, the lightness, happiness... well all of this is worth the time, then maybe be born another time to spend together.

Friends of Satomi Ichikawa is an emotional and splendid in the definition of being friends. The text in rhyme unravels in double verses that conclude in the false opposition or complementary movements, the incipit that back as a metaphor for repeated pounding is constituted by the single word "Friends..", which is the core meaning and core grammar:

"Friends to overcome obstacles, that when we are on the ground make miracles"

"Friends mild with which to feel alive"

"Friends to the labours of the most difficult and for all the evil"

The text may seem simple, but hide them before the eyes of the readers with minute details, which make the text very interesting and profound. First of all, the involvement of the first person plural that emerges explicitly at times, but that immediately creates a community dimension, "to tell us fairy tales are not written"), then the syntactic structure that it makes use of complement the end ("Friends..."), so that the phrase becomes a sort of prescription for which the friends are always the right medicine ("Friends for impossible enterprises, in search of treasures unseen").

"Friends to work together, even if it is not said that it goes very well."

The synthesis lexical also houses many areas of shade and leaves that words can express so much more than the surface witnesses. Do not think, therefore, to one of those booklets, emotional collections of aphorisms on friendship, think of it instead as a documentation of life along with your friends. Yes, because an adult in this essential text will be able to review a broad experience, almost indescribable.

The text if aimed at children will have a different weight, a more descriptive but equally engaging in its relationship with the illustrations.

The fine and delicate images, which occupy broadly the pages, depicting in fact a group of children, or rather, different groups of children engaged in more diverse activities. If the text in its connotative speak to adults, experience is essential, and clear of the child, instead, it will describe what the images portray.

So, then, if the "Friends after a party is over with a wash of the head" recall to the mind of the readers adults, episodes of an unforgettable youth enterprises with rebuke her attached to them, for the younger readers, the children who make the shower and washing hair it will make sense and fun too significant. The children that populate the pages got to do, to play, to draw, to clean, to jump, to shout, to sing, to dance, to put in disorder, to wait, to watch, to scream... they risked subissare the player with their energy, however, the tract has a fine and soft colors give these images a balance and charm is enchanting. The locations of the retro, children with long socks, cotton, upholstery and stripes, the shirts with the collars and bows, overalls, and frocks, paintings, the night shirts are white... some will hit the imaginary adult, but what is more communicative of the images (and that certainly speaks clearly to the readers most children) is the likelihood with which they are portraits of the children, in their movements, in their astonishment, in their gestures. The magic of childhood, his work, his enthusiasm, his exuberance, his being present in the present without plans and forecasts has been and is a reality throughout history.

The smaller, therefore, will be able to read this wonderful book as a documentation of their make, their play, their everyday. Adults will be reminded of the valor of those people with which they lived, and – hopefully – live the wonderful complicated and hectic journey of life.

Non fatevelo scappare.

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