Friends Celebrities too similar to Dancing? Maria de Filippi responds to Milly Carlucci


Published on Nov 22, 2019


Comes from the pages of the Daily Fact Magazine the answer of Maria de Filippi Milly Carlucci. The host of Friends and Friends Celebrities had not yet told her the story, which has seen a few weeks ago, Milly Carlucci protagonist. Was sent, in fact, a letter in which it stressed to Mediaset, the similarity between Friends, Celebrities and Dancing with the stars. At the beginning of this story was also talk of a lawsuit filed by Milly, but this is disproved both by the presenter that by Mediaset. But something happened and now also Maria de Filippi has a say in the matter.

Here is the summary of the story

In his interview with Joseph Candle, the presenter talking about this the letter received from the part of the legal Carlucci says:

“Yes, a little’ I was sorry. I understand that Milly defends Dancing with the stars, which is its historic programme but it seemed to me exaggerated to contest the ball in the vip with the professional. Maybe she had not yet seen, and now he has changed his mind. “

And in that regard, Mary, wisely noted in the Rai that the program aired in a few weeks, which sees Mara Venier at the helm, may be very similar to There is e-mail but she will not send no letter.

“Now Mara part with a program called ‘Port of Dreams’, the request for stories is absolutely similar to you've got mail. I sognerei never give a mandate to a lawyer to write to the Rai or to the Mara. Besides, Dancing with the stars has a the owner of the format, if he felt aggrieved he could defend himself.”

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