Friends All Star slide in may, the final of the Friends 19 aired Friday


Published on Mar 18, 2020


Small and large changes to the tv schedules these days. Among the novelties of the last hours of there is to leave Friends 19 aired on Friday evening, and not move it, as had been planned, on Saturday evening. The reason for this? The decision comes from Mediaset that, after having taken note of the decision of the Rai 1 tv to televise Saturday night-the best of Viva RaiPlay with Fiorello, has decided not to change anything. The evening of Friends 19 continues, in a strictly direct, in accordance with the rules laid down by the Government, and will air until 3 April 2020, on Friday evening. We will see Friday 3 in the final with the announcement of the winner of the program ( there will be a winner for category dance).

But this is not the only news. From Tv, smiles and songs there are also a new entry, that relates to the episodes of Friends All Star.

We talked about the tournament with some former players in the program of Channel 5, and not only. A choice made by the whole team of Friends: "only six episodes for the evening, and three episodes instead dedicated to the tournament with the “glories” born in the school, but not only.

According to the Tv, smiles and songs, the last three episodes of Friends, will be aired in may ( if everything, as we hope, it will return to normal). The reason is quite clear. While the boys Friends live in small houses, in a sort of quarantine that allows them to have less contact with the outside world, the same would not have been for the protagonists of Friends, All Star. The singers in fact, if you were to move to Rome for the occasion, would have still been in contact with a lot of people.

Apart from this ( and are not considerations recently), imagine the show without a studio audience, with the fear in respect to the distances, with the fear of a possible contagion, would not have been the same.

In the meantime, however, continues the saga linked to the abandonment of Valentin. From Dagospia get a video with his attitude arrogant in the test room (click here to view) while from the social, to the dance, Latin, responds in his own way ( here the words of Valentin).

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