Friends 2018-19: When does it start? Advances on the cast of Maria De Filippi


Published on Aug 29, 2018


New tv season means new episodes of the main tv programmes broadcast by the Mediaset group: we will review The Hyenas (broadcast from 1997 on), Strip the News (broadcast from 1988), Forum (on the air since 1985) Men and Women (sent from 1996), and even Friends, the talent show created and presented by Maria De Filippi, which this year will make 18 years. What we know up to this point in the next edition of Friends? What are the novelties and the latest news on the talent of Channel 5?

At the moment we know very little of what will be the next edition of Friends 2018-19. What is certain, however, is that the program will not start immediately in the month of September. In late October, will start a daily strip devoted to the hearings (Friends Casting), the shooting of which you are doing in these last weeks of August. To assist in the allocation of the counters, instead, the appointment should be set in November in the usual space of Saturday afternoon Channel Five.

And the teachers? Now for many months, rumors of the departure of the Garrison from the group of professors of Dance, but, until evidence to the contrary, will remain in the transmission together with Alessandra Celentano (historical teacher of Classical Dance). Probably confirmed also by Bill Goodson and Veronica Peparini.

On the opposite hand, the only teacher definitely nailed it the seat of the court is Rudy Zerbi (with the lady of the house also shares other show as You You Que Vales). Remains poised, instead, the presence in the body teachers the Giusy Ferreri, Paola Turci, and Charles Francis.

The Charm pgt (the company that produces the talent show Mediaset, editor's note) confirms its association with Real Time, the channel Discovery aired on channel 31: on the network of Bake Off Italia, will return to a daily strip to follow a kind of reality show what is happening in the school, between lessons, confessions in the locker room and the inevitable controversy releases-share.

Speaking of the next season, Maria De Filippi has to unravel a new problem: the last season of Friends has been a decline in audience is not indifferent, both in the appointment of the Saturday afternoon, but even in the episodes of the Evening (opposed and even defeated by the talent of Milly Carlucci, Ballando con le Stelle). What new ideas will pull out from the cylinder, the Bloody to put an end to this hemorrhage of viewers?

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