Friends 19 vs La Corrida: Carlo Conti and Maria de Filippi, a double-interview, to say no to competition


Published on Feb 26, 2020


Everything is ready for the debut of the evening, Friends 19, which will air its first episode on the 28th of February 2020. A location that is different than usual, on Friday evening for an explicit request of Mediaset, as he confirmed today, Maria de Filippi, for the needs of the schedule. The presenter, however, wanted to seize the opportunity of the press conference to say " I am so tired of these challenges between you and Milly Carlucci, and in particular among Friends, and Dancing with the stars . We would also like to make it clear that between her and Carlo Conti there is no competition. Would have preferred not to go on the air on Friday night against the Bullfight, but since this is going to happen, he did show one thing.

In the press conference shows a video, a sort of double interview made by Maria de Filippi and Carlo Conti. The presenter speaks of his colleague tuscan-like a brother. “It's my brother, even if he has a different surname from mine, is Carlo Conti,” said Mary. Accounts from his part, says that among his favorite programs, there are Friends and There is mail for you. Mary mentions This and which and The Corrida as the programs they prefer.

Maria and Carlo then we take to be aligned, and don't want wars to the sound of the share for this, the host, is also an appeal to the journalists, with their analysis, auditel often trigger these dynamics.

The two conductors are joking then, on the fact that the programs will be aired on the same day: “Keep a monitor on is not possible and then the log so I can see him when I get home”. Charles joked: “I'm angry? Yes, because I can't see Friends.”

For both of you this friendship will survive. “Nobody wins and loses no one because here is not about a race, the winner is the public,” said Carlo. And Mary, instead, has closed: “But who cares who wins, wins the audience.”

For those who want to see the video, here is the contribution of the journalist Massimo Galanto of TVBLOG

Carlo Conti and Maria De Filippi: "Who cares who wins between #Amici19 and #LaCorrida, between us brotherly relationship".

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