Friends 19 towards the evening: Al Bano and Romina guests or judges?


Published on Feb 19, 2020


Missing very little at the debut evening of Friends, 19. Now we are not telling you anything new since you know that the first episode of the talent of Channel 5 will air on February 28, 2020. For the moment you go on stage on Friday night, since Saturday, there will be still be There is mail for you, at least for the whole month of march. Maria de Filippi doubles then, and the preparations for the show in prime time. At the moment there are still three seats left for the evening: there were seven in fact, the links assigned so far. But it also speaks to the guests and judges that you may see in this first phase of the program. From an interview with Al Bano yesterday, leaked the rumors make you think that the fact that he and Romina can be the protagonists of this edition of the talent of Channel 5. May be of special guests Mary has called them in the robes of judges?

Al Bano in his interview with Vito Diomede spoke of a commitment to a television that will keep him busy for six episodes, will be Friends? It would seem to you because the alternative may be only The Bullfight, but it does not appear that alongside Carlo Conti, there are fixed guests.

From the Fb page of the conductor Vito Diomede shows the video with Al Bano and writes:

Exclusive news !!!

Al Bano and Romina Power regulars in the cast of #Friends for 6 television episodes with Maria De Filippi and small slip from the talk show #EoradiTe scheduled for Saturday 28 march 2020 at the Teatro Van Westerhout Mola di Bari.

Follow my page and you will soon have more details !

P. s No one will lose anything !

The two singers, after the Festival of Sanremo land and then also in the evening, Friends. The question however remains : will be special guests to sing their songs of success, or provided on the seats of the judges? We just have to wait for the press conference of presentation of the evening, Friends 19 or, who knows, maybe of the advances that may come from the special episode of the Saturday. We'll keep you updated!

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