Friends 19 Skioffi remains in the school to do the challenge? The special committee decides


Published on Nov 22, 2019


In the episode of the day time Friends 19 aired on November 22, Skioffi was called into the studio to find out what they decided regarding his future in the school. The special committee met to decide what to do, among others, also present Mauro Coruzzi, the singer Noemi, journalists of the printed and the web, Barbara Palombelli, a representative of the Moige, the lawyer Daniele Bocciolini. A commission is then varied points of view, certainly very different to decide which will be the future of her school Friends.

Skioffi at the moment is not an effective pupil of the class for which the commission should only evaluate if it can or can't do the challenge with Gabriel. Michael Sacchetta, who “leads” this special explains that Skioffi is presented with a different project, with other tracks. Are also shown in the study of other articles very strong against the Rap singers. In particular, certain statements by Fabri Fibra, which explains that what you write is not what you think; the lyrics are used to describe and tell something but they are not what is the point of view of the artist in question.

The word of Giulia Mengolini that a year ago he had written articles against Skioffi. “I do not think that it is a storytelling because almost all his books contain positions against women, deal with violence, are misogynistic. A week after writing the piece, I was ill-treated on my profile, he has asked fans to attack the journalist. Feminists care you are a mass of idiots, fucking more.”

Skioffi defended himself: “anyone Who knows me knows that I am a character. I would like that julia would understand that I also received so many messages ugly towards me. I have always been impulsive. I do not regret this.”

Massimo Galanto suggests to Skioffi that maybe the thing to do in these cases is to apologize. “You vergoni, and then those texts are not them singing in a concert?” asks the journalist of TVblog. The singer responds that they are part of the past, that has closed with those songs. Wad takes the difee of Skioffi talking about the lever of exaggeration. “The positive message of this situation is that the audience of Friends arrive as the internet in 2019, following you and chasing,” said Wad.

“The language is not a game, the past is not to be denied. Who makes art is one with the message that it wants to send. In all texts there is a representation of the woman. What is more cute that you say you ugly bitch,” said the lawyer Bocciolini.

Barbara Palombelli explains that each era has their challenge. “Identify the text with the author, in my opinion, is an aberration. Do not circulate the text or the song does not resolve the problem that there is. This presence is represented in my opinion is not censorship,” said journalist and presenter of the Forum.

Angela Lazzaro, instead, think in a different way but he also believes that don't need censorship to help, on the contrary. He believes that Skioffi, showing a change, it can make a message even stronger. For Naomi, instead, the problem is also the context. “You might not have had the perception of this problem, how large, the message is different. There are a lot of very young people that believe you,” said Noemi.

Mauro Coruzzi still does not know what to decide because he believes that must be Skioffi to make a decision on which path to take in his career. At this point arrive and then the excuses of Skioffi that wants to prove what it is now.

Andrea Conti, music critic, points out that the singer in the new disk is changed. “I think that we need a culture to write certain things, I will give it another year or so to mature and realize what you've done” said Conti.

Elizabeth Scala points out that the texts are present in the network and the message continues to pass, even in the wrong way. “You have to prove this repentance,” said Scala.

Martina is a student of the school, she asks to say something. “I, as a woman I find the lyrics clever, I understand that the text is not Skioffi but a violent man, that is violence on a woman,” said the singer.

Frank White explains: “it Must be that the parents control what the children and the kids listen to, is not a problem for the artist.“

Giulia Mengolini reiterates that violence is not only in the words and in the text of Yolandi, but that his point of view shines through everywhere, then, is not limited to a storytelling.

The commission will decide and vote but at the moment the public does not know the fate of Skioffi. This afternoon should be recorded the special episode of Friends, 19 in the air tomorrow, then you may get the advances, and the decision on the fate of the Skioffi and possibly also the outcome of the challenge with Gabriel, always there will be.

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