Friends 19, or intercom system? The Evening of Maria De Filippi to the home of Sabrina Ferilli


Published on Mar 07, 2020


Friends 19 has finally decided to throw in the towel this year: the race of students must be clearly only an outline. For which reason we open this article with a statement like that? It is soon said: the second episode of the Evening, Friends 19 was topped by a higher number of spaces and interludes that nothing have to do with the challenges among the competitors: double heats for the tournament of Friends Prof, a monologue of Filippo Magnini on the allegations of doping and the way of living the competition (an intervention wasted at 01:10 at night), and above all an unlikely connection opened by a sent Friends 19, which has brought the cameras of the talent in the private apartment of Sabrina Ferilli...

Missing the links with Luciana Littizzetto, Maria De Filippi has put up yet another program in the program inspired by probably one of the address books to the Big Show: a format the BBC adapted in Italy by Andrea Pucci for Italia Uno.

Sabrina Ferilli has remained immediately annoyed by the disturbing Maria De Filippi, which in addition to citofornarle surprise it was then presented at the door of the gate (by means of a camera crew sent on the spot). The actress has withstood the play between moments of real embarrassment and call-and-response to be witty with the presenter in the link from the study.

Live from the landing of the house Ferilli 🤣 #Amici19

In the suit, the glasses, and flip-flops, Sabrina Ferilli, he explained, did not want to be disturbed; and not so much for herself, but rather because in his house he had guests to dinner who may not tolerate being taken up.

In each case, the sent of Maria De Filippi stormed into the house and forced the Ones to keep in your head is a direct made to chatter in vain, the recipe for the rice balls and an unlikely quiz entitled “are You going or not?”-

The last connection of the evening live from the house of big sister Sabrina Ferilli arrived after midnight, with the delivery distance of a gift: Maria De Filippi has been delivered at the door of the gate of the actress a big teddy bear. Ah, if anyone had noticed, between a curtain trash, and the other, has been eliminated, and the dancer Talisa.

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