Friends 19 in the early evening on the Real Time to tell the path of the students to the evening


Published on Feb 19, 2020


Special episode of Friends 19 this evening on the Real Time. In the early evening, in fact, on channel 31, digital terrestrial, Marcello Sacchetta and Lorella Boccia will accompany us in the journey that the students, who have conquered so far in the green jersey, have done so since their entry into the school today. In the evenings 10 seats are available for students who want to try to show off in what is a great showcase, as well as continuing to learn, to dance with the professionals and has worked with great artists. In the special episode of Friends, 19 in the wave today on the Real Time, the two conductors that usually accompany us in the afternoon, with the day time of the talent, we bring in another trip.

At the moment, we have to remember that boys and girls have gained access to the evening social 7, are, in fact, other 3 free places!

The first to wear the green hoodie of the evening was Nyv. The singer has put on display since the very first day in the school, making it immediately among the best. But the path to its location in the school was not easy, also because of the introverted character that often has caused some of the problems. Nyv has always been very appreciated by his teammates and also by prof. He has had the role of team leader, but then he had to give, something which had not cost him dear since he did not like very much to be the leader and make difficult choices.

To win the jersey of the evening two dancers very contested. Valentin, who has joined the school since the first day and was immediately put on display for his claims, such as that of having a judge of Latin in the commission, and also for his character, with dozens of references to the delays and his lack of desire to study. But the temperament of Valentin is not nothing compared to the dramatics that made the other two dancers, they're just as arrogant and poorly educated. Let's talk about Javier and Nicolai, both of whom have won a place in the evening. Among the dancers of the evening also comes to Talisa, she is also a great talent with a path of ups and downs that led her to always be the first choice of the prof. Timor has believed in her since day one and continues to do so, focusing a lot on the dancer.

The green jersey, the wearer also to Giulia, the young singer neapolitan is put in a light for his vocal abilities and also for the power of a writing that was able to tell things very personal and get straight where they need to get. For Giulia, a lot of satisfaction, many challenges won, but also many doubts and a lack of awareness of their own ability. The path to the school, and the conquest of the jersey certainly has served to show who can be.

And in the special episode of Friends, 19 in the wave today on the Real Time hear the story of Gaia and we will see the path of the singer much appreciated by the public at home ( more pearls his singing talent and for his sympathy), and so by the teachers. Also to Gaia-a journey not without obstacles, but for her a place in the evening, there would have been, it was understood from the beginning. This evening we will listen to the emotions of Gaia but also of all the other kids already from a few days wearing the green jersey and prepare for this new great adventure, certainly one of the most important of their life, artistic and personal.

In the meantime, about evening of Friends come the first advances, and it seems that Al Bano and Romina will be the protagonists of the talent of Maria de Filippi.

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