Friends 18: Vincenzo has a fling with a professional dancer?


Published on Jun 10, 2019


Vincenzo First was a contestant in the latest edition of Friends of Maria De Filippi. The dancer of the Blue came a step away from winning the circuit of the dance, which was won, instead, by Rafael, a dancer with the White Team. Vincent, however, seems to have found something more inside the talent show of Canale 5. It would seem, in fact, that Vincent is very close to one of the professional dancers of the program of Maria De Filippi. Who? Virginia by tomarchio, another beloved ballerina of the program. But is it really possible that in the Friends school 18 born this history without anyone noticing?

A question that fans and Friends of the dancers, now more and more often and that seems to have really found an answer. There are so many things that Virginia by tomarchio and Vincent In the First have in common.

Starting from the fact that they both have participated as contestants in the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi, until you get to the same origin: the island of Sicily. In fact, it seems that the two dancers know each other from a long time, in addition to participation in the program. The same passion and the same earth will have made you fall in love with Vincenzo and Virginia? For what we remember, the by tomarchio he had already made the dream of the audience of Friends for her report, within the talent, with Cristian but then ended. The dancer then has had a relationship with another dancer Friends, Amilcar. And now he has the new heart free and ready to love another dancer?

Now the fans would not have any doubts: between the former winner of the Friends and the dancer in the latest edition there is something. One detail makes me think actually. Let's see what it is.

The special relationship is definitely a confirmed social network of the two dancers, where they are published is also of the ig stories together. And it is precisely here that it seems that Vincent and Virginia have passed a night together, without other friends. The two talents of the scuola di Amici di Maria De Filippi would have had dinner in a local roman and the fans have immediately noticed a detail: a written ‘love’. But not only that! The two have also posted on Instagram a video where Vincent kisses her on the cheek, and the dancer.

Is really born of a love story between Vincenzo and Virginia?

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