Friends 18 the third episode: all guests and the news on the 13th of April 2019


Published on Apr 09, 2019


We do not yet know what will become of the proposal of Loredana Bertè, even if the feeling is that all have failed, starting from the professors end up to the boys. In the meantime, though, come the names of the guests of the episode of Friends 18 aired April 13, 2019. We can then tell you about what we will see, in the performances of the protagonists. Maria de Filippi and his team are looking for new stimuli for this third episode of Friends 18, after listening to a lot of disappointing of the past week. Just a great guest to revive the fortunes of the program of Channel 5? In the past, it is seen that they are not the guests to do the ratings.

There only remains to discover what is going to happen in the third episode of Friends 18. You will have seen that in the day time today in the air on Real Time, and the kids have discovered the name of the guests, of some of the artists with whom duetteranno or will perform.

Apparently in this episode of Friends 18 you will breathe the air of sanremo. In the episode of Saturday we will see a duet, the boys of the blue team with Ornella Vanoni, which is now the ace in the sleeve of all the television programs. The white team will have the opportunity to duet with the guys from the Flight. After the third place at the Festival of san remo, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca have not seen much in Italy. Recently we reviewed a most True and now they will come Friends 18.

Viewers have wondered who has done this strange combination seeing that in the blue team there is Albert and that the artistic director of the blue is Grigolo! We'll find out probably in the episode of Saturday, Friends, to all of the rest, there is an explanation.

On social there have also been many negative comments during the episode of Friends toward the white. In fact, it seems that the boys have proven to be not very excited about this duet. We will see Saturday night what's going to happen.

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