Friends 18 selected the 5 semi-finalists after a night of long matches: this is who they are


Published on May 12, 2019


An evening of really long and full of emotions, that of may 11, 2019 for the public to Channel 5, which followed the seventh episode of Friends 18. Yesterday for the first time the boys were up on stage without having the support of their coach and competed against each other to win the jersey of the semi-finals. After the initial challenge between Umberto and Mameli, won the dancer of the Latin, the race went on to the sound of challenges between the songs and the choreography, and the audience at home, that has chosen along with the professors, who to send in the semi-finals. An evening of really very rich of performances but also of controversy, which are not missed, despite the jury has sought to emphasize only the skills of the boys without putting them too much in difficulty.

Some of the most appreciated of the evening definitely was the performance, of all the guys, alongside Raffaella CarrĂ .

The race then came alive with the beginning of what are called rounds, during which the children perform, almost always, by choosing any of the songs or the choreography that they think will enhance their talent. The first to climb the mesh of the semi-final is the dancer Rafael: professors and the public apparently see him as a great talent!

The evening is really full of emotions: there are the jokes of Mara Venier, the advice of his uncle Gerry, the words of Emma that also in this evening takes the part of the boys and no shortage of controversy. Among the most heated Rudy Zerbi with Giordana, who did not want to sing a song of Eiffel 65's Blue.

The race then continues with the proclamation of the second semi-finalist: Tish win the jersey in the style of aluminum which means the passage to the eighth episode. For the other guys, the challenges continue. And in the end to go to the semi-finals are the 5 most talented: we find Rafael, Tish, Jordan, Vincenzo and Alberto while Umberto is the deleted of this seventh episode. Maria de Filippi would like to thank him for the talent demonstrated in this edition of Friends, but also for its great education.

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