Friends 18: out to Tish, here is who are the 4 finalists


Published on May 19, 2019


We are now arrived to the final cut for the talent show Friends 18: the “school” of song and dance conceived and conducted by Maria De Filippi, which this year as never before has been shown to experience a period of lack of credibility: settlement rates in each bet, the controversy forced, celebrities, and times of beginning and end of the episodes to be hit with the same ease with which you can gain from a lottery.

But unwilling, or sore, the race between the students of the Friends school 18 continues and in the Evening of may 18, 2019, were finally elected the names of the four finalists of this edition of the format. The final will be held on Saturday, may 25, in the early evening, on Channel Five.

In the course of the semi-final of 18 may 2019 to Friends 18, were elected from the four finalists, thanks to the involvement of the televoting, in the opinion of the professors in the study and of the special presence of five judges vip sitting on the sidelines: Loredana Bertè, Antonella Clerici, J-Ax, Sabrina Ferilli and Romina Power. In the course of the evening there was even the participation of Alessandra Amoroso and Renato Zero.

The first contestant to win the jacket, with gold and a place in the final is the dancer Rafael. To convince was his first and only dance of the evening: the choreography is particularly sexy, which, however, has not convinced the only Alessandra Celentano.

The second round – judged solely by the teachers – is won by the singer Giordana: she is the second finalist of Friends 18. The two performances with which he conquered the bodysuit, golden were the cover of “If I were an angel” By Lucio dalla, and the running of a new song.

The third heat – judged this time only by televoting from the house – is won by the singer Alberto. A result evidently overwhelming saw that he was the first in the provisional ranking, although not yet been performed.

The fourth round has chosen as the last finalist in the dancer Vincenzo, decreeing the elimination from the race of the singer Tish. The young man, however, can settle for the prize in sponsor Tim Music: it is the most downloaded among those of your Friends 18.

Therefore, in the final there will be two singers and two dancers: Jordan, Albert, Vincent and Rafael. Who of them will win on the other?

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