Friends 18 news: the announcement of the revolutionary proposal of Loredana Bertè, move, save you listening to?


Published on Apr 07, 2019


There is something wrong with the mechanism of the evening, Friends 18, we saw the first episode and can confirm it after the second. As had already happened in the past, the real weak point of the show of the talent of Maria de Filippi, the mechanism of the game, the rules. And in this evening's production is particularly committed to make everything insanely complicated. The amazing thing is that anyone who follows the programs of Mary are accustomed to the format that is repeated continuously, see There is mail for you or Men and women, with small changes occasionally. To Friends instead, every year there is a revolution. And if you thought that the mechanism was already too complicated, you are not yet arrived at the third episode. This evening, in fact it is arrived on the social, the revolutionary proposal of Loredana Bertè, at least the way it is tagged by those who have published the press release. That thing will never have this proposal of a revolutionary? Absolutely nothing if it were not that comes in a very special day: the day after. What? The collapse clamorous advance of the talent of Channel 5 that in the last few years had rarely touched the peaks so low ( in addition to being beaten by Dancing with the stars, and not just a little).

But, apparently, those working on the talent of Mary read little social. Because the public does not ask for one thing: clarity, regulations are simple to understand, something nice to look at in the early evening on Saturday. Then the talent is now at its 18th edition, has given a very, appears to repeat over time and it cannot be expected to listen to a time it is most holy, as sacrosanct, would have the right to Maria de Filippi to go on air in another day of the week.

But if the first episode of the evening, Friends 18 has grossed an average of more than 4 million viewers, mean that the audience is there. You only need to conquer it or perhaps retake it.

After this introduction, let's deal with the revolutionary proposal of the Bertè. The judge points the finger at the teachers guilty, in the second episode, having saved one as Jefeo and have instead allowed that Ludovica was at risk. Sin that has been the same Bertè send challenge Ludovica saying that both she and you would be saved. He could also you send in the challenge Alvis, since he thought he was by his own admission is a weak link. But in any case, the Bertè has asked the production to be too and she bet, as are the artistic directors, with the audience at home.


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A move catch you listening to? The feeling is that by doing so, the public is most destabilized.

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