Friends 18 news, Jefeo defends himself from the accusations and explains why he has named Ludovica (VIDEO)


Published on Apr 05, 2019


A few hours after the second episode of the evening, Friends (18 rooms) waiting for the direct but in the two houses, we still continue to talk about what happened in the week, or, better, of what happened in the first episode. It is now well known to all that Jefeo has come under fire for the choice of name Ludovica, while you could choose other members of the white team. Jefeo and Ludovica are engaged and because of this many have not understood his choice. In particular, in the week Giordana has spoken against the decision of Jefeo, advising also Ludovica open the eyes, telling her that if a person is your name, knowing that you may leave, do not love you. In addition, according to the opinion of the Jordanian, the person with whom you are, you must think that you have the talent, they deserve to stay in the school. A point of view that Ludovica has shared in part, but not if it is felt the war Jefeo, explaining that then they were clarified and they had talked about after the bet even if only for a few minutes.

The components of the blue team apparently don't think like whites, and as Giordana and Jefeo, talking with his friends, explains that he makes the names more than the friendships, more than the feelings. What is certain is that to hear from your boyfriend that there are people in the school, the most talented and deserving of you is not just the maximum but Ludovica will probably need to make a reason.

In the day time in the wave today on the Real Time, Jefeo once again, after having seen the videos of the discussions in the house of the whites defends its position and reaffirms the reasons for which he chose to make the name Ludovica.

Two points of view compared, two different motivations at the basis of the nomination of the #SquadraBianca and #Squadrablu. You which side are you on? #Amici18

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Jefeo, as you can see from the video, the day time Friends 18 today, is convinced of his choice and is sure of having made the right decision, at least for what concerns the policy adopted.

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