Friends 18 news: Alvis leaves the program?


Published on Apr 04, 2019


Shot of the scene at the talent show of Canale 5 Amici di Maria De Filippi: a competitor would have decided to leave the program. It would be Alvis, singer trap of the White Team. Alvis, after the episode of the evening, Friends 18 aired last Saturday, was isolated because of the words of Loredana Bertè, the judge of the bet, and had against her. The guy has been defined as anonymous and banal by the singer, the definitions that have sent to Alvis in a state of confusion. We then see the latest news from the lodge of the white house with the words of Alvis.

The words of Loredana Bertè during the first episode of the evening, Amici di Maria De Filippi would, therefore, hurt Alvis, the lead singer of the White. The young man is let go in a burst, arriving to burst into tears.

The same Alvis, however, claims to have been a bit lost during the path within of the talent show Channel 5 but no strikes. “I know what I can give” seems to rely on the lead singer of the White Team. “The problem is that I am putting up for ever” is justified, then Alvis. The trapper finds itself therefore in a state of confusion and tries to isolate himself, to be alone and to reflect. It would be already a possible abandonment of the program by Alvis.

“I need to be alone, to think about things,” said Alvis. “It has appeared weak due to my shyness,” the singer explained of the Whites. “This is a mask that I carry around for fear of not being understood” you let go of the trapper. Will Alvis to get up and face the next episode of the evening of Friends? But, above all, the singer will make the change idea to Loredana Bertè and regain confidence in himself?

Saturday 6 April will be broadcast, in prime time on Channel 5, the second episode of the evening, Amici di Maria De Filippi. Who will be the next eliminated: a white or a blue, a singer or a dancer? We just have to wait until Saturday.

In the meantime, if you're curious to find out who are the guests of this episode of Friends 18, please read our article dedicated to the advances of the second episode of the evening. GUESTS 6 APRIL 2018 FRIENDS-CLICK HERE

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