Friends 18 news, Alessandra Celentano responds to allegations of Loredana Bertè and his proposal


Published on Apr 08, 2019


We speak a lot in these hours of the proposal that Loredana Bertè launched in view of the third episode of the evening, Friends 18. A bet that She wants to do with the audience at home, a bet that the judge wants to try to win trying to understand how you can assess for yourself the talent. A bet that he would also like the public televotante at home, most protagonist. But apparently, the accusations that the Bertè has moved in respect of the prof are not very liked, as was to be expected, teachers of Friends that in these hours they are replying to. Then comes the comment of Alessandra Celentano with the proposal of the Bertè.

And it was also the answer of Alessandra Celentano with the proposal “revolutionary” of Loredana Bertè. Here is what he thinks about the dance teacher in this whole affair.

Loredana Berté accuses us professors want to engaging young audiences through Jefeo. Cross-reference to the sender, this accusation is unfounded: I have my thoughts, dictated clearly by my personal taste on the music and from my experience as a professional on the dance! Loredana Berté, in its proposal, said that if the public does not give you reason to change position on Jefeo. [...] If it will change his choices in the light of the outcome of the televoting will then exactly what they are accusing us teachers! Others do what feels right according to its competence or to a personal taste of art that is final,“ wrote the Celentano on his profile. Then he continued: “Already there are council to judge Loredana Berté that when it is expressed on the dancers, the face following his personal taste and not acting as a people competent on the dance which is not, as evidenced by his comments. It is not enough to have frequented the theatre, or to be a singer or showgirl to be considered as the craft of dance! I don't allow me never to judge a singer's soft-spoken to a technician.“

Very strong words those of Alessandra Celentano. And also professor Rudy Zerbi always by social says its reminding us that Friends are not Friends of Loredana Bertè ( read here for his full post).

On social, however, begins to circulate doubt. All this call-and-response has been triggered to ensure that on Saturday night, the controversy arose between the Bertè, and the professors in the ports of the viewers in front of the tv seen in the ratings disappointing last Saturday?

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