Friends 18 news, a Jordanian about his ex-girlfriend with the song Margherita


Published on Mar 26, 2019


You start to work hard in view of the first episode of the evening and the guys Friends 18, in these hours are trying . The singers perform songs that you may have to sing in the first episode of the evening of Friends 2019. Giordana in particular, as we have seen in the episode of the day time of today, he is preparing the beautiful song of Riccardo Cocciante, Margherita. The girl felt very touched by the song in question. The jordanian did not want to speak much of his private life, he prefers to usually write in his tracks, what he thinks. We know little of her, but today, as viewers of Real Time have seen, the singer has decided to talk about his past, telling of his ex-girlfriend. Giordana, in fact, she could not hold back the tears listening to the words of Margherita and cantandole. The song did think about the relationship he had with a woman for her important. And so the singer explained that the song makes you think of the great love of his life, because it is a poem, which for her represents love. ā€œI would have done it blue the sun,ā€ said Giordana, referring to his ex-girlfriend.

A story closed but apparently is still very bad to Giordana. In the first weeks of Friends, it was a lot of talk about the private life of the singer, even if she had not said anything; the curiosity was awakened by the delivery of some of the bouquets of flowers and gifts that Giordana has received.

About his private life, Giordana was also told on another occasion, a song written for his ex: ā€œI wrote a piece about my previous love story. We were left in a bad way. I see it with my ex-girlfriends, who had always been with guys before. I was always their first experience. I didn't realize the difference. Having someone at your side as you, do you understand what that appeals to both. They knew what we needed. ā€œ

Here is the video of the episode of Friends 18 in wave today

For Giordana is the time to work to the songs of the Evening, and... resurface so many memories #Amici18

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