Friends 18 is an adult... but forgets its historical competitors in the celebratory video: how come?


Published on May 28, 2019


As we have already told you in the past few days, the eighteenth edition of the talent show Friends of Maria De Filippi has been archived with the victory of the competitor Alberto Urso: the young sicilian fond of opera singing. Just at the edge of the final on Saturday 25 may, the transmission produced by Charm PGT has decided to self-celebrate this milestone with a short commemorative video in which Maria De Filippi, reads a letter full of references to the great success enjoyed by the competitors of the program.

In the video – letter, are also shown a whole series of artists who were born to be Friends, however, do not reflect perfectly the list of competitors cult that have made the history and success of the program outside of the four walls of the studies Elios.

In the shopping list of the competitors mentioned are: Irama, Alessandra Amoroso, the Kolors, Emma Brown, because they were able to “fill the halls”; are they “open the curtains” theater also Elena D'amario, and Giuseppe Giofrè (which, however, there is the face the dancer for the musical performances); Riki and Annalisa Scarrone mentioned, because they were able to sell their music abroad.

And even more: I ended up in the dance companies in Andreas Muller and Sebastian Melo; while in the field of acting, they have “acted with directors such as” Diana Of the Buffalo and Alice Bellagamba (which, however, Friends competed in the categories of song and dance).

Without a name embossed but in the series of images we also see Alessio Bernabei of the former Dear Jack, Sergio Sylvestre, Enrico Nigiotti, Federica Paper and Shaila Cat. And yet we have also seen Elodie and Trouble, and Leon Cino beloved ballet dancer. In the video, including some dancers of the past editions, Lorella Boccia, and also Virginia that are part of the cast of the professionals this year. And still Vincent, winner of the category dancing to the Latin.

A list of important... yet are missing us really well the most celebrated that they used Friends of Maria De Filippi as a stepping stone towards popularity.

Forgetfulness the most important is surely that of Mark's Paper: the (former?) pupil of Maria De Filippi, that in his edition he gave a tour, thanks to the feud Of the Michael – Jurman. The guy sardo has come even to win the Festival of Sanremo, in addition to having participated in reality shows of all kinds.

And just talking about personality, reality tv addicted, you can't ignore, Valerio Scanu, who also has a san remo on the curriculum. Incredible also the absence of Giulia Ottonello (performer who has conquered even the Disney) or the actor Andrea Dianetti (from the theatres is the past in the world of webstar, now in the jury of "All Together Now").

And still: Moreno, “the novelty” of Friends 12 who has climbed the peaks of the charts on several occasions. Incredibly off with Karima Ammar, Antonino Swordsman, Roberta Bonanno, Mario Nunziante and Adriano Bettinelli (now a principal dancer in Hello Darwin 8). How come so many oversights?

And again, no special mention, if not some images for Stefano de Martino, who, in addition to being one of the competitors the most beloved in the history of the program, was also a professional ( for Friends found two times in love the first with Emma and then with Belen) and even the conductor on the day time. Would probably have deserved another kind of mention. And let's not forget also that Stephen was sent to the Island of the famous, the protagonist of Selfie-things change, and now conductor of the Made in the South. We can think of that fits simply in the category “and others” ?

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