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Published on May 10, 2019


There are only three episodes at the election of the new winner of the talent of Maria De Filippi: the final of the Friends 18, in fact, there are only two episodes. And the appointment of 11 may 2019 will be really decisive: not only because it will decide who will be the semifinalists, but also because of the new change of rules saw that from last evening, it vanished the figure of the coach of Blue-and-White (i.e. Ricky Martin and Vittorio Grigolo).

But besides the general thoughts on the episode, which are advances on Friends 18? Who are the guests of the episode? And what new changes to the regulation were made by the production? Let's do a little summary of all this information...

Deleted Ricky Martin and Vittorio Grigolo, in the episode of may 11, of Friends 18, there will be four guests instead of only one. Are expected in the studio: the singer salento Emma Brown, the host of the Free Fall, Gerry Scotti and the hostess of Domenica In, Mara Venier. The three of them will be the new judges vip, which will replace Loredana Bertè, absent to the home of a stage of the tour. Yet another perversion of the regulation that will bring the talent to the levels of You You Que Vales.

Super guest waiting for Friends 18 will also Raffaella Carrà. What will be in store for her, Maria De Filippi?

During the episode of may 11, the Evening of Friends 18 will be the sign of a double elimination. The first will be recorded in the first hour of transmission: the singer Mameli and the dancer Umberto are in a play-off final, ended seven days ago due to an injury of the dancer.

Who will have the better will be part of the race that, for the first time in this edition, you will not have more teams, will be all against all. Who knows what new regulation will be studied in order to determine the deletion of the end of the episode.

Remember that in addition to Mameli and Umberto, in the race are: the singer who is also an actress, the dancer Rafael, the singer Alberto, the dancer Vincent and the singer of jordan. Who of them will go to the semi-final on Saturday 18 may?

But the real question of questions is another: what time will begin and time will end on the next episode of Friends 18? Two evenings ago, Maria De Filippi broadcast went on the air until 01:45 and, just seven days ago, he made the incredibly starting its transmission at 21:05. What will be the new schedule?

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