Friends 17 towards the evening 2018: 5 students are passed, who will win the green jersey?


Published on Mar 24, 2018



Then we do the point of situation, by remembering a few things. At the moment there are 5 occupied seats and there are 5 empty. Rudy Zerbi, at the end of the episode, he said something very important which may depend on the fate of the other students. The professor in fact, who has in the Blond his first name, said: “I do not give my preference to anyone as long as you have Blond it will not be inside.” The question, however, is not simple, because things could happen and also several. Everything will depend on what is then the point of view of Giusy Ferreri. If she thought like Rudy, then it would be clear that on the evening of Friends 2018 should go in the first place, both Blond, the first name of Rudy, Matthew, the first name of Giusy. And if both passed, then the remaining places would be only three.

If, instead, Giusy the thought in a different way, we can imagine that, for example, Irama would be a great candidate for the place in the evening, saw that they could vote both Carlo and Paola Turci, if you and Giusy were. Everything therefore will depend on these choices.

With regard to the dance, the only one not to have a representative at the moment is Veronica Peparini. Consequently, we think that Daniel may be the next dancer to enter because it would be the only one, at the time, to have also the one of Alessandra Celentano. The second possible name for the dance, it is almost certainly that of Valentina, who would have the Garrison and the to the Bill and, after the entry of Daniel, may also have to have you Veronica.

Also for a question of mathematics, it is clear that in the evening there will also be excluded. With regards to the dance I will, almost certainly, Luca and Vittorio, but also Philip. Poised Orion, Daniele and Valentina.

Chapter song: do not come certainly to the stage in the evening, Luca, Nicole and Grace. But remember that here things are more complicated because there are several names in dance. There is the first name of Rudy, the Blond, then there is the first name of Giusy, Matthew. And there are still Carmen and Irama, who seemed to be the two candidates with the place insured. There seems to be almost certain even the exclusion of The Jab.

It is clear that, the evening of Friends won by a single person, so in the end it is only a matter of days. But it is also evident that everyone would like to participate in the evening, which remains a great showcase, even if only for an evening. In any case, the boys have had the opportunity to study for months in the Friends school, and if you really have the talent they think they have, will be able to find your way out of the talent of Channel 5.

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