Friends 16, Special Saturday, march 11: Morgan humiliates Richard Marcuzzo... and the war is already!

Published on Mar 13, 2017

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The Evening has not even started yet... but they are already sparks!

In Special Friends 16 aired Saturday 11 march (HERE news and photo gallery) held its first hearing of the competitors of the program in front of artistic directors: Elisa and Morgan. And between the latter and Riccardo Marcuzzo the war is already...

That's what happened!

After the announcement that Morgan and Elisa will be the artistic directors for an Evening of Friends 16, are carried out in the hearings of some of our competitors, including Riccardo Marcuzzo. The latter sang “Caruso” and the unreleased “you're mine” by convincing Elisa to get into the Blue. A decision that has left stunned Morgan:

“According to me is not ready for the Evening, but they are made your. As well as Peparini said a little while ago Simon, I think there is still a lot of work to do. The mine remains a comment, has no decision-making power...”

The audience began to protest, but Morgan has sunk the blade...

“The song Caruso has sung from the Piano, and this piece has a text embarrassing. Also I have done the piano bar... even Berlusconi has done... but needs to be done at the beginning, certainly not before the evening!”

Rudy Zerbi defends the performance of Riccardo on “Caruso”, but Morgan is merciless: “Berlusconi sings it better!”

Continue the discussions and in the end, Riccardo responds in his own way to the captain of the Whites:

“They are the villains: there is the adriano Celentano, here the Peparini. I prefer to stay here. If I had told Elisa what she said Morgan would have been a lot less happy...”

In short, the hatchet seems to have been unearthed. And who knows what awaits us in the Evening...

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