Friends 16, Special Saturday, march 11: art Directors, Judges... and the first seven admitted to the Evening! (News and Gallery)

Published on Mar 12, 2017

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The greatest bet to Friends 16!

Saturday, march 11, was held the first Special of the talent show with the artistic directors of the Evening and were also presented the members of the jury. We also discovered the first seven boys admitted to the final phase of the program...

That's what happened!

The episode opens with the hosted Alessio Bernabei, former frontman of the Dear Jack ranking second to Friends 13, with his band. Now a soloist for two years, the singer has presented the song of Sanremo 2017: “In the middle of a round of applause”.

Watch HERE the video of the performance!

The inevitable abbreviation of the professionals of Friends, 16, who this week were led by Emanuel The in a choreography dedicated to the King of Pop Michael Jackson. (look at it HERE).

It starts with the Race to the Evening! Maria de Filippi explains that after the admission of the Strego were are 9 seats and announces that the selections of the dancers will be made by Giuliano Peparini, for years now the artistic director of the Evening.

It, therefore, passes to the two captains of the teams in the Evening: Morgan and Elisa! The audience is delirious, and the two reveal to be great friends.

Everyone has the right to choose the team and two professors from which be accompanied.

Morgan chooses the White Team, and as professors Boosta (his old friend) for singing and Alessandra Celentano for the Dance.

Elisa chooses the Blue Team, and as professors Rudy Zerbi for the song and Veronica Peparini for the Dance.

After the artistic directors, are announced in the members of the jury.

In the Evening of Friends, 16 there will be four judges. The first three will be: Ermal Meta, Ambra Angiolini, and Eleonora Abbagnato. The fourth judge will be revealed in the next week.

As anticipated, Giuliano Peparini to make the selections of the dancers.

The first to go down to the centre of the study is Sebastian, who are asked three choreographies.

Julian comments: “You have a physique that speaks, and this is one thing that you have to point. You've got things that you hold inside, but that still can't make out. I want to get them out.”

Giuliano Peparini wants Sebastian to the Evening!

Alessandra Celentano called Sebastian in White and Veronica Peparini not opposed: Sebastian enters, therefore, into the White Team!

You go to the song with Shady. Morgan asks her to sing her new song, “Stay home” and explain the story. Elisa, that seems to be very impressed, she wants to feel the girl in the cover of “Rolling in the deep”.

Both the artistic directors don't hide to appreciate Shady, which was sent to the White Team to enable it to continue its collaboration with Boosta.

You return to the ball with Andreas Muller.

Giuliano Peparini asks two choreographies, and then move on to the verdict:

“I saw you dance better today, but you have something that goes beyond dance. You had the humility and the courage to ripresentarti here. Whatever your performance today, I would have taken it. Deserves this jersey more than anyone else.”

Andreas is in the Evening... and it moves!

Alessandra Celentano fills the dance, the compliments, but send in the other team. Andreas is so in the Blue Team.

New dancing with Simone.

After two choreographies, Giuliano Peparini emits his verdict: “I think that you need still to work. This was a good school for you, and I'm sure that in a few years we will work together, but now you're not ready”.

Simone is officially eliminated!

Surprise, Morgan does not agree: “I like you like dancing, don't look like others. You were free and, therefore, I have arrived”.

The Strego already has the green jersey, but it should still perform in front of the artistic directors, with his new track, “DJ”. Boosta would like to see him in the team and Elisa agree... but Morgan does not seem at all convinced!

After having expressed his doubts, the captain of the White despair: “I trust Boosta and I'll get you”. The Strego therefore entered in the Whites.

Pass to Richard Marcuzzo, Elisa asks, “Caruso” remaining impressed: “it was Not at all easy, I liked the intention. I also heard your new songs without filters, it is outstanding that you do not know how to play and compose melodies of your own.”

At this point, asks “you're Mine” and decides to take him in the Blue.

Morgan is amazed: “is Not ready for the Evening: Caruso, he sang it from the Piano, and this song has a text embarrassing”

Riccardo enters, therefore, in the Blue Team!

The last audition of dance for Victory Markov.

After a three-choreography by Giuliano Peparini commented: “there Are four years that try to enter and this year you've done this: could you prove your value, and this is already a great result. I don't know where I could take you to the Evening...”

The dancers, is already in tears, but here comes the twist: “You have a face and eyes, beautiful when you dance and I want to see where we go together”

Victory is therefore in the Evening and gets into the Blue! Alessandra Celentano, in fact, he says “I would never do a wrong Veronica”

It closes with the hearing of Federica Paper, to which Morgan asks, “This little big love”.

Elisa: “You have something great inside of you and you would in the Blue”.

Morgan is not opposed, and so Federica comes in Blue!

The episode closes here! The remaining places for the Evening are only three: two for singing and one for dancing.

The teams formed up to now are:

White Team (Morgan): Sebastian, Shady, The Strego

The Blue Team (Elisa): Andreas, Richard, Vittoria, Federica

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