Friends 16, Saturday, April 1 – the SECOND EPISODE of the Evening: Great guests, duets and... The Strego deleted! (News and Gallery)

Published on Apr 03, 2017

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The great emotions of the Evening, Friends 16!

In the evening of Saturday, April 1, 2015 was held the second episode of the Evening, Friends 16 with the court of the exception of Matt Dillon. Special guests: LP, Francesco Renga and Fabrizio Moro.

Here's everything that has happened...

The Evening of Friends 16 has begun!

Maria de Filippi enters the studio and announces the two teams, led by their respective artistic directors: Morgan, White, and Elisa for the Blue. The guys are presented one-to-one.

Then enters the jury, composed by Eleonora Abbagnato, Ambra Angiolini, Daniele Liotti and Ermal Meta.

Elisa and Marco are doing “Bim bum bam” to decide who starts: part, Elisa!

1° Test: Riccardo vs. Sebastian

Elisa breaks the ice by exhibiting, Riccardo in his new song, “Different”.

Morgan responds by exhibiting, Sebastian, kept on the bench last week. The coach announces the test “This is me”: “you will See that in addition to being a talented dancer is also a very deep.

Maria de Filippi reads a letter from Sebastian to the father who disappeared when he was a child. The dancer performs in an improvisation.

It is the time of judgment. Elisa off Daniele Liotti.

Eleonora Abbagnato gives her vote to Sebastian: “Your father gave to you the beauty, and also a great gift.”

Ermal Meta on the same line: “Your father would now be proud of you”

The point goes to Sebastian and Whites!

2° Test: Duet with Guest

The Trial Judge! Ambra Angiolini choose to deploy the duet with the host.

Starts Shady singing with Francesco Renga, the companion town of the Angels. Shady loses, but manages to recover.

Federica duet with Fabrizio Moro and the success of Sanremo 2017 “take Me away”.

It is the time of judgment.

Morgan off Ermal Meta, who says, however: “unlike Shady, Federica is not slipped”

Daniele Liotti: “why does she sang only for herself, while Shady yes and he had a moment of uncertainty.” The vote to Blue.

Ambra Angiolini defends Shady: “Federica knew Fabrizio Moro, while Shady had never worked with Renga..

Point to the Blue tie.

3° Test: Andreas vs. The Strego

For the third test is done entering the special judge for this evening: Matt Dillon!

Elisa terraced Andreas on a choreography very touching on the violence dimestica.

Morgan responds with The Strego in a song... Geppetto!

The vote is secret, but Liotti admits to having voted for Andreas while the Angels preferred to The Strego.

4° Test: Federica vs. Thomas

Elisa relies of new Federica with a pearl Ligabue: “Little star without sky”. Praised by Ermal Meta and Ambra Angiolini, who says: “The risk of karaoke was very high, but she was good”.

Morgan responds with “its mickey” Thomas. The singer performs with “7 Years”.

Matt Dillon: “Federica has sung with the soul, but Thomas was the original and it was very promising.”

Also Eleonora Abbagnato and Ermal Meta have preferred Thomas: the point to White, which lead to the 2-1.

5° Test: Mike Bird vs. Victory

Is aired a VIDEO on the fight between Mike Bird and Morgan. In the end the artistic director seems to take a step back, but obliges anyway, the guy singing “Black Bird” by the Beatles.

The Blue respond with a Victory, dancing a choreography inspired by the story of Ophelia. Morgan admits to have cried to see a suicide so well represented.

Matt Dillon is enthusiastic of Victory... so much so that Morgan would want to turn it off! In the end the power is turned off Ambra Angiolini.

Eleonora Abbagnato: “Winning plays. Entered in his role and has taken us until the end.”

Daniele Liotti is confronted with Mike Bird, and congratulated him, but gives the vote to Win.

Also Ermal Meta would have voted for the dancer.

Point to the Blue, which lead to 3-1.

Verdict and deleting temporary

And here is the moment of the verdict: the Blue Team wins 6-1! In the third test, in fact, both Matt Dillon is the jury voted for the Blue.

Are automatically at risk to Shady and Mike Bird.

Morgan recalls Mike Bird and the professors Shady. The Strego is therefore temporarily deleted!

Before the beginning of the second round Maria De Filippi, Matt Dillon, ambra Angiolini and Daniele Liotti lend themselves to a game with the plasticine.

Great laughter in the studio.

It is therefore the moment of the second round. Start the White Team.

1° Test: Morgan vs. Elisa

As a first test of the second race Morgan ranks himself in a tribute to George Michael.

Elisa wants to show his kid, but then you get car-side with a tribute to David Bowie.

Great applause for both of them, that they decide not to consider the test valid for the race. Test cancelled!

1° Test Ia: Oliviero vs. Cosimo

Morgan ranks Oliver in a variation of the Nutcracker

Eleonora Abbagnato: “You have to let go more, but on the cleaning and on the technique you were perfect.”

Elisa responds with a spectacular choreography of Cosimo on the notes of “Roxanne”.

Ermal Meta, he rebukes the audience for insults at Morgan, and then awards “the performance muscular” of Cosimo.

Daniele Liotti append: point to the Blue!

2° Test: Duet with special Guest International

Elisa calls the free “a duet with special guest: Federica and Shady songs from the great LP on the notes of “Lost on you” and “Other People”.

Matt Dillon is the congratulations to Federica.

Ambra Angiolini vote for Shady, while Daniele Liotti and Eleonora Abbagnato vote for Federica.

Point to the Blue, which is lead to 2-0.

3° Test: Riccardo vs. Sebastian

Elisa relies on Riccardo in the test “This is me”: the guy devotes a letter and rhymes to the mother, who has never believed in his talent. Morgan, always critical against her, this time compliments.

The Whites will line-up Sebastian “O Sarracino”.

Ermal Meta admits to having voted for the White: “The last time I you were loved, whereas this time you had the wind in his voice. Instead... Sebastian is an angel”

4° Test: Andreas vs. Oliviero

Elisa terraced Andreas in a choreography by Veronica Peparini on the poker.

Morgan responds with Oliviero in a piece neoclassical

Eleonora Abbagnato has appreciated Oliviero more in a neo-classic in the classic, but still has favorite Andreas.

Also Daniele Liotti gives the vote to Andreas.

Point to the White men, who arrive at the 3-0.

5° Test: Thomas vs. Federica

Losing 3-0, Morgan decides to play around with the Magic Ball: the fate of the race to decide with a test bank, but to win the White have need of unanimity.

The coach of the White host Thomas in a test, rap, funk, along with the stress Morgan and Boosta.

The Blue respond with Federica, who sings the Ed Sheeran.

Morgan off Daniele Liotti, which, however, would have voted for Thomas.

Amber and Eleonora vote for Thomas, but Ermal Meta gives his preference to Federica: “the One made by Thomas is not rap pure and he never fails to convince me”.

Win, therefore, the Blue!

Verdict and the second elimination safe

The Blue Team wins, therefore, the second heat thanks to the Magic Ball. It is, however, revealed that, after the third round, the two teams were in a tie! If instead of the Magic Ball, Morgan had played a normal test with the majority vote, then the Whites would have won.

Ermal Meta turns to Thomas: “You're very good, but you will need to choose a road because only that will bring you forward.”

In the proposed elimination there are Oliviero, Shady, and Thomas and is the last to be held with The strego!

It has, therefore, to place the run-off election between Thomas and The Strego.

Thomas sings his new song, “Sorry” and “Fast car”.

The Strego has a piece of I and his new “employee”.

And here's the final vote: a vote for Morgan and the professors of the Whites: The Strego is the second casualty of the Evening, Friends 16!

Morgan apologizes for “not being able to understand The Strego”.

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