Friends 16 News, the White Team in the chaos – Morgan out of control... and download Shady!

Published on Mar 29, 2017

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Broke out the Storm with Friends 16!

A few days from the second Evening of Friends 16, aired Saturday the 1st of April, the atmosphere in the Team as the White is becoming more and more explosive. The Artistic Director of the White Morgan, in fact, not liked the criticism received by his children and he reacted in a drastic way...

That's what happened!

Friends 16: The Whites rebel against Morgan!

As we anticipated, the choice of Morgan during the first Evening, and his assignments for the second episode did not go down to his boys, who have expressed more of a concern (discover HERE everything that has happened!). And the reaction of the coach of the white did not have to wait...

As we have told you, the Coach of the White if the is taken, especially with Mike Bird, to which he used words to the limits of censorship (you can find HERE all the details). But it was only the young singer-songwriter at the expense of...

Morgan has, in fact, harshly attacked also Shady, against which it has arrived to take a decision very hard: stop working with her! Here are his words:

Morgan: “Shady, I wanted to get a speech. You have made me angry... I wanted to tell you that I will give up!”

The girl is astonished: “And if I soft I what do I do? I go away?”

Morgan: “I give up because I don't want to be with those who do not want to stay on me. I'll leave you to Boosta. You do!“

Watch HERE the full video of the fight between Morgan and Shady!

Will Shady to regain the confidence of Morgan? In the meantime, she is coming a nice surprise... learn everything HERE!

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