Friends 16, News: The Strego speaks of the “Case Morgan”! And reveals that...

Published on Apr 18, 2017

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Back to talk about The Strego!

Deleted from the Evening to Friends 16 and as soon as the second episode, the histrionic singer in the talent show has never hidden his disagreements with former coach Morgan and has released some interesting declarations about the farewell of the musician in the program.

Here are his words...

Friends 16: the New controversy of Mike Bird after the episode (VIDEO)

Friends 16: The Strego on Morgan

After commenting ironically the accusations made by Morgan to the production of Friends 16 with Regard to the words spoken by Morgan in the direct yesterday, I would like to reassure him and all, on the fact that none of the Mediaset me is holding hostage. :D:D:D” – The Strego gave an interview to Radio Free Station right on the farewell of Morgan's Friends 16:

“I am not at all amazed at what happened with Morgan. The protests of Shady, Mike and Sebastian are the same that I had I also. Especially during the second week with Morgan there was no comparison: he reversed the situation for his skills in artistic and open to dialogue...”

The Strego has also revealed she enjoyed Morgan as an artist before meeting him to Friends:

“In the past it has been one of my musical references, but at the human level, unfortunately, we have not found.”

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