Friends 16, News: Morgan breaks the silence and responds to the accusations of the production!

Published on Apr 11, 2017

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Morgan is not!

The sensational announcement of the farewell of the eclectic musician Friends 16 given that the same Maria De Filippi (read his statements) he blew yet another polemic against the controversial artist, who in recent years has made hunting more of a program.

But what do you think about the person directly?

After a long silence, Morgan decided to tell her...

Morgan leaves Friends 16: this is who will replace him!

Here, then, the answer of Morgan to the allegations of the production of Friends 16 (which you can read HERE):

“I want to say that I was offended and treated badly, that's all.

That the quarrel with the guys is the script of the television but it is the only thing they could hold onto in the face of fear. Their fear is based mainly on the huge difference of style: I believe in quality, in culture and in healthy communication and intelligent in the art and in the public service, in education.

Their television work, in the market, in money, in keep the ox the people and secure the seats. They are afraid. That's all.
I have offered many proposals, a lot of commitment and a lot of passion and great professionalism, I have lynched. An environment where there is a lynching, is it normal? No, of course not.

True my mistake was believing that they could be genuinely able to wake up, but it was not to be and my naivete if the are torn, as they have been able to. I remind you that in spite of their desperate attempts to massacrarmi, from out of the race and I'm in the lead!!!!!
Force white!
I have given so many assignments, and material that how songs can live off for a few months.”


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