Friends 16, News: Andreas Muller breaks the silence after the victory!

Published on May 30, 2017

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The King of Friends ' 16 broke the silence.

After his triumph in the beautiful End of the Evening (HERE news and photo gallery) the dancer of hip hop has decided to go back to talk about writing a very long split

Here are his words...

Thus, here is the long post by Andreas Muller after the victory of Friends 16:

“It is very difficult for me after having made Friends, went out due to injury, returning to Friends, having spent 3 months in the house of blue away from the world and have won the program be able to write something that does justice to all of this.
It is difficult to write down every emotion that my body tries and has tried it and every thought that travels in my head in this moment, but now more that ever I feel to do so because they are immensely grateful for all that Friends has left me.
When I set foot out from the studio, from when I said all, all I do is leave my thoughts and think about the final, how beautiful it was and how many emotions I gave him.
I still can't believe that I've won, I can't believe how nice it has been this location and as I am satisfied in this moment to myself.
I put in the game all that I was and that I had for the second time, I took in hand my life to take my revenge. Today I feel that I have won...but not because I have a cup in his hands, but because I proved to myself that it's worth dreaming about, that there is nothing stronger than determination and passion, if you believe so much in a thing and lots so that they can achieve the results sooner or later arrive.
I don't share every moment and every emotion felt, because they would be really too many.
I just want to say that in this moment I feel the guy most happy and fortunate of the world, they are even more determined to go forward and to live of this profession, which, though hard, when he has to make amends to you makes the heart tremble.
Friends is the brackets largest and most important of my life up until today, and in those walls, I hope I have left a sign, a smile, a cry and a lot of passion, because inside of me, those walls have left a lot of things.
Now, however, I will not speak of me but of all those people last night, they won with me... all those hands were there to lift that cup with me. I would like to thank all the people who have accompanied me on this trip and do a big round of applause to every person who day and night working in there for the guys who day after day carry out the dream.
I want to thank all the people that work there from girls who in the morning came to wash and fix up the house.

Thanks to those who you never see, and work behind the scenes as Simon, Charlie and Frederick.

Thanks to Claudia, Claudia , Ivan, Serena, Naima, Alice, Joan, Veronica, Irene and Nazarena for the patience that you have always had with me.

Thanks to the authors: Fabione, Michi, Mauro, Manu and Camilla for the spurs ,provocations and encouragement, for how I have treated and have always tried to bring out the best of me. I will never forget the surprise of the Lion King that you have arranged with my mother, was one of the most beautiful moments. Thanks for making me feel pampered and loved.

Thanks to costume designers Carol, Silvia and Stefi who have always tried not to miss anything and they were always present.

Thanks to all the professional dancers that has always helped me, or pulled a smile when you saw me down in the living room. It was nice each day to be able to compare with all of you.

Thanks to the assistants, Fabrizio, Francesco, Tiziana and Melissa. Also you have endured much of my character, and thank you so very much for every advice you have given me and for seeing in me something interesting.

A big round of applause to all those people that work for the construction of the sets for each choreography, and that deal with them.

Thanks to Francy that as soon as we needed something, it was present also at night.

Thanks to Veronica, Paul, Flaminia ,Mario, Isabella, Sebastiano, Francesco and Alessandro, with whom between one interview and the other we could also chat and much laughter.

Thanks to the blue team. Thanks Michi, Food, Cosimo and Faith are amazing people, never change. You have made every day in the little house, each of you, important, sincere, and true.
And then, thanks to you! It is difficult to tie up so much with one person in less than a year, but your naturalness, and your way to do you make it unique, don't ever change and when you want to know that you can count on me. I love you Riki!

Are also honored to have reached the final of dancing with Sebastian which I think is one of the dancers the most interesting and strongest that I have seen in the last few years, I love you, and remember everything that we have always said, especially that, according to me, you have won!

Thanks also to the judges because in every episode in the most beautiful moments and even in those that are a little more difficult, they have always seen something in me, something true and for this I thank them a lot.

Thanks Elisa, why do you always have tried to open and approach it with me... a lot of things you already know, so thank you for what we have managed to have a chat, it'll bring with me forever.

Thank you Julian for having brought out a part of me that I had never explored, thanks for having me always said a few words, but good and right at the right time. Thanks for having experienced with me, and to be put in the game in my regard, I hope you are satisfied with, and, above all, thank you for the beautiful scenes, situations, and frameworks you've always created. For me it was an honor to work with you.

Thanks to all the professors of the program but especially, and now, more than ever, I emphasize, thanks to you, Veronica. I would say that we have won together, because you were perhaps the only teacher to work strongly in the school, I have always appreciated as a dancer and I have always tried not to disappoint, ever, not to disappoint your expectations on me. We spent a wonderful time in the room and for me you have been and are still a very important reference point. You have always been demanding, but also understanding and interested in my life and this side so strongly the human has always impressed me.
Thanks for always having believed in me. It was exciting to see you in the final so proud and happy. I love you.

And finally, thanks to you, Mary. Thank you for helping me realize one of my biggest dreams. Thanks for every advice and every hit on the shoulder, for every smile and every moment that scambiavi pleasantly with us. Thanks for letting me understand when others thought I was crazy.
You are a wonderful woman and I hope that you at least a little satisfied with me.

I hope I have not forgotten anyone but if this were so, I thank each and every person that has crossed my eyes in this path, or exchanged two words with me.

Are hours that I write this letter and reread it because I want so much to understand as possible as I feel in this moment.
Friends to me will always be a home, and how each place likes not to be abandoned.
I hope I have left a sign or a memory of a performance to all those people who have passed away from that studio, or who have seen me from the house ,I hope that dancing is able to convey to you my passion, to make you smile to thrill you, or engage with you.
Thank you so very much for supporting me and voted for you are fantastic and I abbraccerei all.
Finally, I thank the people that have always been present and that I have formed from my own family that I deeply love my friends and my teachers.
Thanks Mari for being the beautiful woman that you are, you a heart so good and your words need to reflect and go back on their steps. are you one of the persons more important for me.
However, really guys, Still not realized.
I look at the cup and I don't believe.
I took the phone in his hand for some time, and I cry seeing the video of the final.
I can't even sleep, I just feel a bit of nostalgia and too many emotions that still dance inside of me.
Here's hope that this milestone is the turbo a great start. I can't wait to share.
Thanks to each of YOU.
This is your Dani.
#missionecompiuta / 27-05-2017"

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