Friends 16, FINAL Saturday, may 27: winner is Andreas Muller! (News and Gallery)

Published on May 30, 2017

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The grand Finale for Friends 16!

In the evening of Saturday 27 may 2017 was held on the Final Evening of Friends 16 among the four finalists of the talent show: Richard Marcuzzo, Federica Paper, Sebastian Melo, and Andreas Muller.

Here's everything that has happened...

It starts with a short video in which the four finalists explain what it would mean for them a victory.

Appear on stage, Emma and Elisa, who sings “Fly” while in the background are shown moments of their life in school with the boys.

Enter Maria De Filippi, who will announce the four finalists: Andreas Muller, Sebastian Melo Taveira, Federica Paper and Riccardo Marcuzzo.

Numerous to the press this evening: the journalists are made to sit behind the jury and the professors.

Maria De Filippi explains the regulation: access to the grand final, the most voted between the two singers and the most voted between the two dancers.

Everything will be decided by the public at home with the televoting.

Geppi Cucciari is the guest comic.

Began performing Riccardo with “you're Mine”. The cards give the lead on Federica.

Federica sings “When chiove”, but fails to recover the disadvantage.

It, therefore, passes to the dance with Sebastian, who tries his hand with a piece of hip hop to the tune of “Black and White” by Michael Jackson.

Finally, here is Andreas, highly acclaimed by the public.

It is the turn of Richard, who sings “Think of you” by lucio Battisti. Is aired a “good luck” on the part of the grandmother.

Federica sings “After all” and he moves in front of the video-message of the father.

Sebastian dancing to a choreography inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, and manage to move up with Andreas.

The new piece also to Andreas, who performs in a choreography on the danger of social.

The intervention of Geppi Cucciari, who joked about the tests by Elisa and Emma this Evening.

Richard performs on another unusual: “I Lose the words”.

Federica sings instead of a cover song: “Fallin’”. The card can still Riccardo in the head.

Sebastian performs again and it moves and then seeing the video-the message of the grandmother and the aunt.

There is a movie also to Andreas, who receives a cute message from her grandmother.

Riccardo sings the masterpiece of fabrizio De André “Marinella”.

Federica perform the unreleased “You wanted to say” and is then put in a video link-up with the family.

Choreography inspired by the “Gladiator” for Sebastian, that for the first time over Andreas in the televoting.

The new exhibition also to Andreas, who returns to parity.

The last show to Richard, who chooses the song “You shine in the eyes”. For him there is a connection with the family.

Federica sings “Through the years” as the ultimate proof.

The last show for Sebastian and Andreas.

Maria De Filippi will announce the winner of the scholarship of 25,000 euros: Mike Bird!

The singer-songwriter, in this study, is revealed on stage.

Before discovering the name of the finalists, get in the studio Giorgio Panariello.

The comedian performs a long monologue.

And here is the moment of truth: the winner in the category of dance is Andreas with 51% of the votes, versus 49% of Sebastian.

Eleonora Abbagnato offers Sebastian a place as a soloist in a traveling show at which she will participate.

For the song vince Riccardo, with 52% of the votes!

The Final will therefore be between Andreas and Richard.

It is therefore the moment of the Final between Andreas and Richard.

Start the latter with a cover important: “Caruso”.

Follows Andreas with a choreography of hip hop. The dancer is in the head!

New fun action to Geppi Cucciari, who joked about the judges.

Riccardo sings “Polaroid”, but it is in the head, Andreas.

The beautiful choreography of Andreas on the notes of “Still Feel”. The cards give still wide advantage.

Great compliments from the press room for Andreas. Jordan, however, seems less than convinced by the cover of Richard...

Riccardo sings “Without end”, “Different” and presents for the first time, “Dance with me”. Closes his performances with “Horoscope”.

The last performance, even Andreas, who is full of compliments from the journalists.

At the End of Friends, 16 back Roberto Saviano with the model and athlete Sofia Righetti, confined to a wheelchair.

It is the time of the awarding of the prizes.

The Vodafone scholarship goes to Federica!

The prize of Radio 105, instead, it goes to Riccardo.

The Critics ' Prize of 50,000 euros was awarded by the journalists present in the room to Sebastian!

And here is the result of the televoting!

Maria De Filippi explains that the category prize is 50,000 euros. The winner will get instead of 150.00 euro!

The winner of the Friends is Andreas Muller! The dancer and wins with 57% of the votes.


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