Friends 16, Breaking News: MORGAN LETS FRIENDS 16! Here is the official announcement...

Published on Apr 11, 2017

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A real earthquake has hit Friends 16!

Just four weeks from the beginning of the Evening of the sixteenth edition of Friends of Maria de Filippi, il talent show is losing one of its protagonists. The artistic director of the White Team Morgan will leave the program.

Here you can find all the details...

From the outset, the relationship between Morgan and the guys of his team had appeared very difficult time to lead to clashes with the tones very hard. The situation is then progressively degenerate, and will culminate in the next episode of the Evening (in the air Saturday, April 15), in which Morgan will abandon the study. And after a little more than 24 hours from the registration of the fourth Evening came the unbelievable announcement: Morgan will leave Friends 16!

Here are the words of Maria De Filippi, in the press conference:

“I am unfortunately forced to confirm the rumors that announce the release of Morgan from Friends. It's all true. After a long and vain waiting for a meeting with the authors and with those who manage the production, everything is degenerate. He started the insults, the accusations, the conspiracy theories and persecution, up to the obvious and necessary resolution of mutual commitments. Sin”.

The feeling is that the decision has been matured in virtue of the tragic collapse of the plays of last Saturday (you can see here the results of the evening) in which Morgan has been the protagonist of great controversy: find HERE all the details.

And now? Who is to lead the White Team?

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