Friends 15: the top and the flop of the sixth episode

Published on May 08, 2016

The magic of De Gregori, the class of Vanoni

This time Maria De Filippi has chosen two guests of great thickness, bringing on the stage his talent the two pillars of the Italian music: Francesco De Gregori, who has duetted with Emma and Elisa (piano) on the notes of Buonanotte fiorellino and The woman is the cannon; on the other, Ornella Vanoni, along with Nek, he sang two of his horses to battle: The appointment and A reason.
The sensitivity of a poet and the verve of a great woman who, in spite of the blunders related to age, still offers high-level performance.

Chiara and Sergio have fun with Why don t you do right

Finally, Sergio has flaunted his soul black, but the small Clear not least: he has given the head of the big boy american, cantandogli well as in the face thanks to the aid of a chair! Good performance on a piece a masterpiece of Peggy Lee for two of the characters that, despite their diversity, are able to blend well to create a show believable and ironic.

The Rua rock'n'roll with a Whole lotta love

Who said that Friends sing only pop? Saturday night, The Rua have had the opportunity to show off their rock attitude paying a tribute to Led Zeppelin and their "Whole lotta love". The vocal power and energy that Daniel, the leader of the band has on the stage in this edition of the program has no equal. Not to mention the incredible versatility of the genre of the band, ranging from Italian music, folk and rock, as shown in this exhibition.

The picture of disability painted by Ale and Stix

Another masterpiece by Giuliano Peparini, this time delete majestic scenery and super-intricate choreography in favor of the simplicity of two dancers dancing on the stage. One is Ale, dancer of the blue, the other is Stix, a dancer with disabilities, who dance in the back of his wheelchair. The expressiveness of the two artists is enough to fill the stage, giving the audience a touching moment, which hides in itself a great message: there is no limit to achieve their dreams.

Elodie pays homage to Mia Martini with men do not change

For Elodie is the moment of consecration the final. With this song, a masterpiece of the repertoire of the unforgettable Mia Martini, the singer by the hair, fuchsia gave a display of his interpretative skills giving also to Loredana Berté, the sister of the late singer, a wonderful moment to remember his love lost. Elodie is the likely winner? You do not know, for now it is certain that the 20 May be released to another life, the first cd of Elodie distributed by Universal and produced by his coach, Emma.

Emma, Anna Oxa: but as you tanned?!

Hairstyle pineapple for one, not rasta for the other. Need more to justify the presence of the two singers between the flop? We do not believe!

Giorgino, the dancers, and stoke, and the initial trials that God is enough!

Also, the little George appeared tired to lend itself to unnecessary games of the beginning of the episode. The child responded barely to the questions and seemed bored by the usual rigmarole proposal: races useless between the coach and the dancers ' semi-naked put there to keep the hormone level of young girls. Jack rebelled: not listening to more of aunt Mary!

The choreography is unconvincing inspired by A special day

Gabriel, the dancer in white, she danced on a choreography inspired by the work of Ettore Scola's “A special day”, the film masterfully played by Sofia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. Although the film speaks of the impossible love story between the two (since the character of Mastroianni is a homosexual) and the choreography offers looks and romantic kisses of passion between the two characters differ too much from the film, as wisely suggested by Sabrina Ferilli. Peparini is justified by declaring the free inspiration to the film, but the excuse is not convincing. It would have been nice to see how the choreographer would be able to translate into dance the embarrassment of the characters, and the impossibility for this love to be fulfilled.

The cabin: now just

It has become the most unbearable of the entire transmission, hated by all, even by Sabrina Ferilli, the protagonist willy-nilly this stupid game that is proposed (or imposed?) to the public by Maria De Filippi. We can get rid at least of this useless time in the last six episodes has taken up the space in music and dance? To posterity the arduous judgment...

Anna Oxa sing... playback!

During the third test Anna Oxa performs with the dancers, and Ale, and Gabriel on the notes of America there is a new song. The criticism made soon to arrive: first of all, the look, the really impractical. The most serious thing, however, is the most probable playback used by the singer, which after the performance has shown important vis-à-vis colleagues who handed compliments. Not a smile, not a gesture of gratitude for a performance to be of poor quality and clearly fake!
“Great, Anna judge singers with comments, often severe and out of place and then not being able to even pretend a playback!” they write on social.

Giuseppe Barone

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