Friends 15: the top and the flop of the semi-final

Published on May 19, 2016


Morgan: genius and intemperance

Last night was Morgan's show: the mad leader of Bluvertigo and she laughed, she cried in front of a choreography on alcoholism, has dispensed his pearls of wisdom, showing off his musical culture and impeccable. Bordering on the edge of madness, you managed to entertain all, to attract the attention on himself until the end when, choosing to stand on the side of the dancer's Ale, he dismissed them all with a moon walk: exceptional.

Sabrina Ferilli super show!

Sabrina Ferilli, now exhausted from the game cabin, has responded to the “abuse” of Queen Mary in the best of ways, i.e., by showing off a sympathy irresistible that has endeared the actress to the roman, even to those who have never appreciated his acting skills. Quit the role of lady composed, a little suited to his true roman spirit, the Ones you left to go to funny jokes and a brilliant improvisation during the game of telephone scams. “Sabrina marry me” – cry out from the audience – “Dear, you!” she answered!

Elodie intense with hand to hand

The girl by the hair and fuchsia never ceases to amaze: even in the final, Elodie gave way to show his talent in singing, hand to hand, the masterpiece of Rino Gaetano. An interpretative maturity really not indifferent for a girl of 25 years, combined with a dough voice is dirty and deep. If to all this we combine a face magnetic and verve of other times, the game is made: we are facing a new pop star.

Lele convince People help the People

The devotees of this column know how Lele has not ever convinced. And yet, yesterday evening, during the performance of People help the people (masterpiece of Bon Iver brought to success by Birdy), Lele sang with composure, avoiding veneers and irritating expressions. The result was a test, really enjoyable where Lele for the first time convinced us. Not only a teen idol mulls pre-adolescents, but also as a singer, much appreciated. Lele in the top, and then, with the hope that he can maintain this profile, even in future interpretations.

The final dance: great Gabriele and Ale

Beyond the result, which saw Gabriele winner, the two dancers last night you are beaten in an exciting race shots of the choreography, skillfully created by Giuliano Peparini for them. Both guys gave the best of them, alternating in different styles and different interpretations of the framework after the framework. The level of the dancers, in the course of the editions of the talent show, has raised considerably and we are sure that for both, the future will reserve them for big things: congratulations!


Friends of Mary or the carnival of Rio?

If yesterday evening to Friends we were Enzo and Carla would have screamed continuously “MA come TI VESTI?!”
It was a feast of bad taste, starting with the mistress of the house, in an awkward suit that is pink. Not to mention, Anna Oxa, dressed with a low key blouse fluorescent, and even those dread upon him, that this time he shares with Emma. Dulcis in fundo, Loredana Bertè, version, Maleficent crown this pitiful picture. Oh mother.


Lele what are you doing?!

In spite of the appreciations just made on Lele, it is impossible not to count among the flop of the evening, a performance somewhat questionable young singer of the white team. What are Francesco De Gregori and Patti Smith in the same song? We asked ourselves the also us listening to this unlikely mash-up proposed last night. The fault of the inspiration of Lele or a very hazardous of the two coaches Emma and Elisa?

The cabins...

No, seriously... we still have to comment on? That God there avoiding at least in the final installment.

Virginia Raffaele/Jessica Rabbit is not convincing


Virginia Raffaele has now got used to the characters and high-level performance. Its Vanoni, Belen, Versace, Pascale and Simone are now in the cult, but this new character, the charming wife of the rabbit, Roger Rabbit, yesterday has not convinced. There we explain why the choice to give the character the accent of the romagna, and even the jokes do not travolgevano as usual. Virginia you know you can do better than that!

The mechanisms of the game and the pongo-regulation of Maria De Filippi

Our lady of the television there puts their imagination to invent their year-to-year (or better to say, bet in bet?) new rules and mode of voting. So yesterday evening, during the final dance, we were treated to an unlikely parade of professors and judges, exhibition after exhibition, they had to side with one or the other dancer in order to create a majority that would have led to a category winner. Easier to see than to explain, but what a mess!

Giuseppe Barone

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