Freedom Fighters: The Ray – Melissa Benoist will play Overgirl in the animated series


Published on Aug 30, 2017


Interviewed by TV Insider, Marc Guggenheim, executive producer of the tv series in the Arrowverse, stated that Melissa Benoist will lend the voice for Overgirl, the doppelganger of Supergirl on Earth-X, in the animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray: “Melissa is very sweet and so is his interpretation of Supergirl. It was fun to hear his voice in the version so wicked. I think it is fun to interpret the bad.”

“It's called Freedom Fighters: The Ray for a specific reason. I wanted to lay the groundwork for the Freedom Fighters and Ground-to-X. In the Multiversity, Grant Morrison had an idea that we liked very much. The Freedom Fighters are composed of minorities persecuted by the nazis: women, homosexuals, jews. We wanted to pay homage to this idea. It is a story of the origin on iteration of The Ray of Earth-1.”

From the creators of #Arrow and #TheFlash, Freedom Fighters: #TheRay premieres this fall on the CW Seed!

— CW Seed (@cwseed) July 23, 2017

Raymond “Ray” Terrill was a reporter who has discovered the secret project of some government scientists to turn light into a weapon of mass destruction. Before revealing the discovery, the head of the project has exposed Ray to a bomb of light genetic. The bomb killed him but gave him powers based on light. With these capabilities, Ray has realised they can do much more than inform on the injustices he could get in on the action to put a stop to them. With the name of The Ray, became part of the Freedom Fighters of Uncle Sam to fight violence and oppression.

The animated series CW Seed is inspired by the new version of the character made by Grant Morrison.

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