Free spirit, the new series of Channel 5: the plot and the airing


Published on Jul 17, 2019


There are many news that Channel 5 has created for the public. Among the new tv series soon on the wave stands the free Spirit series of the austrian 2017. On the network Mediaset, the promo is already aired a few day but let's discover more. It will be a season consisting of eight episodes of 45 minutes ' duration each. Free spirit, probably, bound to please lovers of animals, in particular, those of the horses. Why? Let's see the plot to find out.

The protagonist of "free Spirit" is the twenty three year old Alexandra Winkler.

Alexandra lives alone in Vienna, where she works at a bakery. The young man discovered that he is heir to a stable that first belonged to his father, Karl. Alexandra, however, has not grown up with him, but with the adoptive parents. This has also believed to be orphaned, but the truth was different and he now has a new family with which you will also have problems, especially with one of his half brothers. The girl creates, then, a very special relationship with the horse in December, but how it will end the story of the protagonist?

There is a lot of expectation and, above all, a lot of curiosity for the arrival on Channel 5 of the new tv series Spirit free. But when we will broadcast the series on the network Mediaset? The promo of the free Spirit is already in the wave, and, in all likelihood, the series will be broadcast in prime time on Channel 5 by the summer. There is not yet an official date of airing, but the month's output should be August. Very soon we'll definitely have new updates, which affect not only the official date that free Spirit will be finally broadcast on tv, but even more details regarding exactly the series itself.

Apparently Mediaset does not want to leave the public prey to the replicas in the summer and, despite the ratings not too bright of the series aired in these first weeks of summer, Channel 5 continues to propose new innovations.

What do you think of the new television series "free Spirit"? Are you curious to see it? We just have to wait until August for the airing!

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