Franco di Mare absent from UnoMattina in his place, Marco Pancake


Published on Mar 21, 2018


Franco di Mare absent One Morning, you will have noticed, following the episodes airing these days on Rai 1. The conductor is missing from his “place” from 19 march, the day which from the social and from his colleague Benedetta Rinaldi, it was announced that absence for health reasons. You talk about an ailment, but it is not the first time that Franco di Mare is absent from the program leads. It was successful in the past because of bad back pain that he had been forced to take rest days.

This is the message on the social arrived from the pages of the program of Rai 1: “the opening of The #19marzo #Unomattina it is... without the @francodimare that he will return in a few days for a slight indisposition. In its place @mfrittella . @RaiUno @benerinaldi . Ps: and a good #festadelpapà .”

And there are many fans of Franco di Mare that they wanted to, via social, to greet the conductor who will be missed still a few days from UnoMattina.

Augurissimi Dr. Of the Sea, care should be taken, well we wait for it, even if the Dr. Pancake very well replace it! Rome under a deluge, is warm.

My best wishes for a speedy recovery for the Big, shiny and always heard with interest the Franc of the Sea.

Good day to you, Benedetta and Marco, a greeting from Franco and to see you soon, good transmission to all of you

Hello Blessed sorry for frank when he returns, I wish you a beautiful evening a big hug

anchi Franco , peròMarco is a worthy replacement for guys , love u all , you make me company and I follow you because all interesting topics , a hug from grandma Santa

I hope that's true nothing to remove his / her deputy who is also him in the leg, but I'm used to see him in the morning from the office and has a charm of sympathy to you soon good day to all

We still don't know when Franco di Mare will return to the helm of the program on Rai 1, let's imagine that I need to have a couple of other days to recover and also because today's Benedetta Rinaldi saying goodbye to the audience, gave the appointment to tomorrow, always in the company of Marco Pancake.

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