‘Francis Mount too skinny because..’: the dramatic reason

Published on Oct 17, 2018

What is happening to Francis, Mount? The former tronista of Men and Women are going through a very particular and in recent times has lost a lot of weight, here's what it might be

Health is very important, and it is for this reason that the fans of the beautiful Francesco Monte you are immediately worried when they knew of the fact that he had lost a lot of weight.

The fact that Francesco Monte is lost is obvious to all. But the reason, unfortunately, is not clear. Began to circulate on the web, in fact, strange rumors about his health. According to many there would be serious problems for which Monte has started to progressively lose more and more pounds.

But we must not always think of the worst. The competitor tarantino seems to be losing too much muscle mass compared to, for example, Walter Naked or Fabio Basile in the last few weeks in the house.

Although on the Island of the Famous, the conditions were far more bad, with regards to the food, the Mountain appeared to be more firm and healthy. As you surely remember, had put on some weight in view of his participation in The Island of the Famous, but the withdrawal from reality has obviously resulted in a strong and progressive weight loss. Francis has lost 15 kg and matching the diet to a session targeted of the gym.

On Twitter there are those who suspect something, but not necessarily negative! Also love has the same effect. But with Giulia, already could be that the feeling or we refer to another love, one that ended with Cecilia Rodriguez? Just the Mount will clarify everything.

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