Francesco Renga: the photo with Diana Poloni is full of like...


Published on Sep 12, 2019


The singer published the first picture of the pair on Instagram

Francesco Renga, former leader of the Timoria, after the end of the long-standing relationship with Ambra Angiolini, with whom he has two children, has never been comfortable under the objectives of the paparazzi and is causing a sensation, this time, he share on his profile Instagram a photo of a dance with his new girlfriend, Diana Poloni. Finally the couple comes out, after over four years together.

In the caption of the photo in which he and Diana appear to be embraced in a slow pool, writes: “we Dance?”, shortly after Renga adds in a comment below: “actually, I move to the rhythm of music only on the stage but at the beginning of our tour is still missing a month, so I train a bit...” arousing admiration and comments of congratulations from his fans, happy to see him happy with a new love.

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We dance to? In reality, I move to the rhythm of music only on the stage (😳) but at the beginning of our tour is still missing a month, so I train a little bit... Thanks to Iulia and Stefano 🕺🏽💃🏻🤪 @dianapoloni @stefano_iervolino @iulia_iervolino #FrancescoRenga #LAltraMetàTour

A post shared by Francesco Renga (@francescorenga) date: 8 Sep 2019 at 9:18 pm PDT

There are those who argue that the end of the love story with Ambra Angiolini is over just because of Diana Poloni, known in Brescia, the birthplace of the singer. Officially Renga is with his new partner from 2015, the date of separation from Amber, his wife the mother of his children, but some of the paparazzi caught them together several years ago, leading one to believe that perhaps this new love is the reason of the break between Angiolini and Renga.

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Outsource the public of his new love, the singer had made during the last Sanremo festival, where Renga has participated with the song “Look back”, a love song written by Bungaro, who speaks of a new life of a father, love for his children, now teenagers, and a new love, lived 50 years, that Francis himself has revealed to be dedicated to her, Diana Poloni. In addition, the forty-year-old restaurateur of Brescia was sitting in the audience. The same singer has described the song thus: “This song tells the story of the time that I'm going through in my life: 50 years, a new companion, a different family, the health of my father.”

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Also to “the Italian Stories” Francesco Renga has talked about Diana, always trying to respect privacy: “I have a love story new and are happy to talk about it, I have never hidden, but always remains in my private life”, also because Diana is not a part of the world of the show, but it works in the human resources department in a company in the vending industry. Going even further back, the weekly magazine “Chi” had already paparazzato Renga on holiday with Diana in 2016, as well as the two of them were finished on the “Diva and woman” in the summer of 2017 photographed between romantic dinners and sun baths. Then there are the assumptions of “Novella 2000”, according to which of the two you would feel for years as Diana manages a blog dedicated to the singer, alluding to an affair already in place during the marriage with the Amber...

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