Francesco Monte retires from the famous Island 2018: on the social irony to the message that seemed so spontaneous


Published on Feb 06, 2018


The bet of the famous Island in the wave on 5 February 2018, which opened with a video message in which Francis Mount, he explained the reasons for which he decided to leave the reality show. Only his fans probably blinded by love for him, not have observed how in this video message lacked spontaneity. Nothing wrong with that, it was about a serious topic even if Francis had written a message before speaking, he would have done well, considering that he was supposed to say something important. And, in fact, it seemed obvious that he was reading, saw that it continued to turn the eyes from one part ( and then, perhaps, we are wrong, it was just the sun bothering the eyes). Francesco Monte had no idea what was happening in Italy, but probably, as it should be, the production has informed all the hype aroused by the declarations of Eva Henger. Of course, the crooks think that Francesco Monte has been kindly invited to leave the reality show before that could happen something far more serious in Honduras ( let's not forget, for example, the complaint of the Moige is made to deliver right at the Italian embassy in Honduras). READ HERE THE NEW ALLEGATIONS OF EVA HENGER

The ISLAND OF the FAMOUS, the LAST NEWS FROM the EPISODE OF FEBRUARY 5, 2018: THE VIDEO MESSAGE OF FRANCIS MOUNTAIN, WHICH EXPLAINS THE REASONS OF HIS RETIREMENT– Here's what he said Francesco Monte in his video message: ” This week based on what happened Monday in the bet and the discussion I had with Eva, it was not easy, I have been very thoughtfully and sincerely, my decision is to return to Italy to face the thing in a different way and to be able to protect my rights and my person. I'm sorry that this thing has created chaos, especially for the Island, which is a clean program watched by the children and by the boys of my age, which airs in the early evening. I think of myself as a proper person and respectful of others, and now, reluctantly, I decided to return home to protect themselves because the other side there will be my family, the people who love me will worry like the rest of the am I also” TO VIEW THE MESSAGE CLICK HERE

If Francesco Monte had avoided the sviolinata to the program we would probably also believe his words. And instead, we think that this lecture was prepared at the table. It is right that Francis should return to Italy and defend themselves, this is absolutely true. It's not nice the way all of this chaos, in fact, has been addressed, we reiterate once again. And if in the episode of last week was the fact that all were caught off-guard, in the third episode, prepared by a week, we were expecting much more.

Francis in a video message of his life, according to me, reading the teleprompter...#island #FrancescoMonte

— Rosita (@Rosita65759339) February 5, 2018

The video message of Francis Mountain, as one of the hostages of isis #FrancescoMonte free Hahahha #island

— Beatrice Masucci (@BeatriceMasucci) February 5, 2018

#FrancescoMonte that clearly, reading the teleprompter in the video message #gomblotto #island #IsolaDeiFamosi2018 #isoladeifamosi

— IlCanzoniere (@IlCanzoniere_) February 5, 2018




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