Francesco Monte-protected al GF Vip, the charge: ‘they Want it to win...

Published on Nov 03, 2018

Francesco Monte could be in some way protected from Big Brother vip. The gieffino seems to be the favorite of the reality shows, but there are orders from the top? The truth

Francesco Monte, the former tronista of the afternoon program of Maria De Filippi “Men and Women” and current competitor of the third edition of “Big Brother Vip” continues to be talked about. Many were the things happened in the house most watched of Italy that they did discuss very much the audience at home.

Many argue that the approach to Giulia Salemi, at the well-Francesco Monte is “forced” and that the actor is related to the girl only for the presence of the cameras. In the last episode the commentator of the program, Alfonso Signorini, has taken the defenses of Francis Mote: the behavior of the opinion leader is not liked to the public of the GF.

The fans of the program argue, in fact, that Signorini adopts a certain behavior that changes depending on the competitor. Last year, in fact, Signorini had strongly criticized the influencers Giulia De Lellis.

For this reason, the people of the web and insinuates that in reality, the actor pugliese is protected by the authors of the program because the brother is the owner of an agency that handles many famous people: for they go against the ex-boyfriend of Cecilia Rodríguez could lead to a loss in terms of television personalities.

To the people of the web is not not even close to the experience in the programme conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi “The island of famous”. Therefore, the audience of the internet suggests that Francesco Monte is protected by the program: however, it is only assumptions that have not been confirmed by the authors of Big Brother Vip. In short, there are many users who believe that somehow the Mount is pushed down and that the entire staff wants to win.

The same Signorini said a few hours ago to believe Monte is a likely winner of the reality show.

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